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List of F1 Winners & Podiums in the wet 80's onwards. v2

2017.09.19 17:00 marli_marls List of F1 Winners & Podiums in the wet 80's onwards. v2

I've re-done this entirely. Should have every wet race where a chunk of the grid used inters or wets at some point in the race. Thanks to sissipaska for putting me onto whatthefat 's article with more complete data set than I had:
1st 18 M.Schumacher 14 Senna 13 Hamilton 7 Button 4 D.Hill 4 Alonso 3 Vettel 3 Reutemann 3 Prost 3 Massa 3 Mansell 2 Raikkonen 2 Piquet 2 Coulthard 2 Boutsen 2 Barrichello 1 Riciardo 1 Panis 1 Montoya 1 Laffite 1 K.Rosberg 1 Herbert 1 Hakkinen 1 Frentzen 1 Fisichella 
 7 Hakkinen 6 Prost 6 Alonso 5 N.Rosberg 5 M.Schumacher 5 Barrichello 4 Vettel 4 Patrese 4 Mansell 4 D.Hill 4 Alesi 3 Webber 3 Raikkonen 3 Piquet 3 Heidfeld 2 Watson 2 Senna 2 Riciardo 2 Laffite 2 Kubica 2 Kovalainen 2 Hamilton 1 Verstappen 1 Trulli 1 R.Schumacher 1 Perez 1 Nannini 1 Montoya 1 Massa 1 Jones 1 Frentzen 1 Fisichella 1 de_la_Rosa 1 Coulthard 1 Berger 1 Alboreto 
 6 Coulthard 5 Massa 4 Vettel 4 Prost 4 Irvine 4 Hamilton 4 Berger 3 Webber 3 Raikkonen 3 Patrese 3 Mansell 3 Button 3 Alesi 2 Verstappen 2 Piquet 2 N.Rosberg 2 Kubica 2 Herbert 2 Heidfeld 2 Frentzen 2 Fisichella 2 Brundle 2 Barrichello 2 Barichello 2 Alonso 1 Trulli 1 Tambay 1 Schumacher 1 R.Schumacher 1 Riccardo 1 Reutemann 1 Perez 1 Nannini 1 M.Schumacher 1 Montoya 1 Lehto 1 Laffite 1 J.Villeneuve 1 Hakkinen 1 G.Villeneuve 1 Glock 1 de_Cesaris 1 Boutsen 1 Bottas 1 Blundell 1 Arnoux 
 24 M.Schumacher 19 Hamilton 16 Senna 13 Prost 12 Alonso 11 Vettel 10 Mansell 10 Button 9 Massa 9 Hakkinen 9 Coulthard 9 Barrichello 8 Raikkonen 8 D.Hill 7 Piquet 7 Patrese 7 N.Rosberg 7 Alesi 6 Webber 5 Heidfeld 5 Berger 4 Reutemann 4 Laffite 4 Kubica 4 Irvine 4 Frentzen 4 Fisichella 3 Verstappen 3 Riciardo 3 Montoya 3 Herbert 3 Boutsen 2 Watson 2 Trulli 2 R.Schumacher 2 Perez 2 Nannini 2 Kovalainen 2 Brundle 2 Barichello 1 Tambay 1 Schumacher 1 Riccardo 1 Panis 1 Lehto 1 K.Rosberg 1 J.Villeneuve 1 Jones 1 G.Villeneuve 1 Glock 1 de_la_Rosa 1 de_Cesaris 1 Bottas 1 Blundell 1 Arnoux 1 Alboreto Race Year 1st 2nd 3rd Monaco 1980 Reutemann Laffite Piquet Brazilian 1981 Reutemann Jones Patrese SanMarino 1981 Piquet Patrese Reutemann Belgian 1981 Reutemann Laffite Mansell French 1981 Prost Watson Piquet German 1981 Piquet Prost Laffite Canadian 1981 Laffite Watson G.Villeneuve Monaco 1983 K.Rosberg Piquet Prost Monaco 1984 Prost Senna Arnoux Portuguese 1985 Senna Alboreto Tambay Belgian 1985 Senna Mansell Prost Detroit 1987 Senna Piquet Prost British 1988 Senna Mansell Nannini German 1988 Senna Prost Berger Japanese 1988 Senna Prost Boutsen Belgian 1989 Senna Prost Mansell Canadian 1989 Boutsen Patrese de_Cesaris Australian 1989 Boutsen Nannini Patrese Canadian 1990 Senna Piquet Mansell Brazilian 1991 Senna Patrese Berger SanMarino 1991 Senna Berger Lehto Spanish 1991 Mansell Prost Riccardo Australian 1991 Senna Mansell Berger Spanish 1992 Mansell M.Schumacher Alesi French 1992 Mansell Patrese Brundle Belgian 1992 M.Schumacher Mansell Patrese SouthAfrican 1993 Prost Senna Blundell Brazilian 1993 Senna D.Hill Schumacher European 1993 Senna D.Hill Prost Japanese 1993 Senna Prost Hakkinen Japanese 1994 D.Hill M.Schumacher Alesi SanMarino 1995 D.Hill Alesi Berger French 1995 M.Schumacher D.Hill Coulthard Belgian 1995 M.Schumacher D.Hill Brundle European 1995 M.Schumacher Alesi Coulthard Japanese 1995 M.Schumacher Hakkinen Herbert Brazilian 1996 D.Hill Alesi M.Schumacher Monaco 1996 Panis Coulthard Herbert Spanish 1996 M.Schumacher Alesi J.Villeneuve Monaco 1997 M.Schumacher Barrichello Irvine French 1997 M.Schumacher Frentzen Irvine Belgian 1997 M.Schumacher Fisichella Frentzen Argentine 1998 M.Schumacher Hakkinen Irvine British 1998 M.Schumacher Hakkinen Irvine Belgian 1998 D.Hill R.Schumacher Alesi French 1999 Frentzen Hakkinen Barichello European 1999 Herbert Trulli Barrichello European 2000 M.Schumacher Hakkinen Coulthard Canadian 2000 M.Schumacher Barrichello Fisichella German 2000 Barrichello Hakkinen Coulthard Belgian 2000 Hakkinen M.Schumacher R.Schumacher UnitedStates 2000 M.Schumacher Barrichello Frentzen Japanese 2000 M.Schumacher Hakkinen Coulthard Malasian 2001 M.Schumacher Barrichello Coulthard Brazilian 2001 Coulthard M.Schumacher Heidfeld British 2002 M.Schumacher Barrichello Montoya Australian 2003 Coulthard Montoya Raikkonen Brazilian 2003 Fisichella Raikkonen Alonso Italian 2004 Barrichello M.Schumacher Button Brazilian 2004 Montoya Raikkonen Barrichello Belgian 2005 Raikkonen Alonso Button Hungarian 2006 Button de_la_Rosa Heidfeld Chinese 2006 M.Schumacher Alonso Fisichella European 2007 Alonso Massa Webber Japanese 2007 Hamilton Kovalainen Raikkonen Chinese 2007 Raikkonen Alonso Massa Monaco 2008 Hamilton Kubica Massa French 2008 Massa Raikkonen Trulli British 2008 Hamilton Heidfeld Barichello Belgian 2008 Massa Heidfeld Hamilton Italian 2008 Vettel Kovalainen Kubica Brazilian 2008 Massa Alonso Raikkonen Malasian 2009 Button Heidfeld Glock Chinese 2009 Vettel Webber Button Australian 2010 Button Kubica Massa Chinese 2010 Button Hamilton N.Rosberg Belgian 2010 Hamilton Webber Kubica Korean 2010 Alonso Hamilton Massa Canadian 2011 Button Vettel Webber British 2011 Alonso Vettel Webber Hungarian 2011 Button Vettel Alonso Malasian 2012 Alonso Perez Hamilton Brazilian 2012 Button Alonso Massa Malasian 2013 Vettel Webber Hamilton Hungarian 2014 Riciardo Alonso Hamilton Japanese 2014 Hamilton N.Rosberg Vettel British 2015 Hamilton N.Rosberg Vettel Belgian 2015 Hamilton N.Rosberg Vettel UnitedStates 2015 Hamilton N.Rosberg Vettel Monaco 2016 Hamilton Riciardo Perez British 2016 Hamilton Verstappen N.Rosberg Brazilian 2016 Hamilton N.Rosberg Verstappen Chinese 2017 Hamilton Vettel Verstappen Singapore 2017 Hamilton Riciardo Bottas 
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2015.12.29 17:13 Fart_Leviathan Random fact Tuesday #18

Hi there guys. This is edition #18 of a little thingy I do to keep me occupied on boring Tuesdays. I'll post 5 random facts and a short story concerning F1 or F1 drivers on every Tuesday. Some might be common knowledge to a few of you, but you might find some interesting.
Feedback is welcome!
Story time: Who won?
The safety car is a part of racing and F1 too. Since the late-80's (officially since 1993) it's not been a strange occurrence to see the field bunch up behind a road car in case of a serious hazard on track. Over the times, the human element interfered here and there and we've seen safety cars do strange things, but the first time one came out in an F1 race, it was disastrous.
Said race is the 1973 Canadian Grand Prix. The penultimate GP of the year started in wet conditions, which dried up by lap 30, making the then-rare pit stops a necessity, as the slick tires degraded. On the 32nd lap Cevert and Scheckter crashed (This is one rare picture, people) blocking the track and prompting the arrival of the safety car.
The car itself was a course car, a Porsche 914/6 driven by former (and future) F1 racer local Eppie Wietzes.
The race was being led by J.P. Beltoise as he was a fine wet track driver who was also yet to pit. Colin Chapman thought it's his driver Emerson Fittipaldi leading the race, missing the BRM coming from the back. But the race control thought otherwise and assumed that Howden Ganley was in the lead. Ganlely was probably (this one word highlights the punctuality of officiating here) 8th. So Eppie and the safety car picked up the Iso-Marlboro (Williams) driver, letting the seven ahead gain a full lap on everyone else. It was madness.
The safety car spent ten laps in front of the field, which even saw an actual lead change, as Beltoise snuck in a stop handing the lead over to Jackie Oliver in the Shadow. Talking about the Shadow team, Oliver's teammate, 39-year old rookie, Follmer further extended the caution dumping oil on the track.
Ganley was racing midpack after the restart, but he was shown pit boards saying that he is leading. Wisely, the New Zealander didn't believe them. Although he put in a very good performance and kept the cars of Revson, Hunt, Reutemann and Hailwood at bay.
Fittipaldi crossed the line seconds ahead of Oliver and Beltoise both of whom he had overtaken in the penultimate lap and Chapman celebrated the "win". The checkered was waved about 45 seconds after this to the group led by Ganley.
After protests and countbacks for hours, it was agreed that one of the drivers who got a lap on the field was also in the Ganley pack, actually crossing the line right behind the Iso. So Peter Revson, who had been in front of Fittipladi the whole time was the winner with a bit over 30 seconds. Ganley got 6th, his only point of the season, but according to him, it would still have felt like winning if not for this whole mess.
Tl;dr: Officials think the random guy in P8 is leading and make the top 7 get a lap on everyone. Said guy is being told that he leads all the way and actually ends up 6th.
If you are interested, here is last week's edition:
Sorry guys, but next week I won't be able to make one, so see you in two weeks.
edits are a correction, a missing pic and formatting
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