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2020.07.24 02:06 ntidwell98 Thorough and Detailed DD Genprex (GNPX) REVISED

Prado has inspired me to redo my previous DD on Genprex and overall put more effort into the post and research. Below is my final product. Hope everyone enjoys and always thank you Prado!

What is Genprex?

Proprietary Technology Delivery Platform (ONCOPREX)

Non-Viral Vectors vs. Viral Vectors

GPX-001 (Pipeline)


Connecting the Dots (Manufacturing)


GNPX was trading at .37 before it was FDA fast tracked in Jan 2020. That plus the following catalyst sent it all the way to $7. It has since dropped to the $3 area and found a base. I believe there are 15+ catalysts in the next 5 years that could easily send this stock way above $7. A few would be
  1. A $78 billion market for diabetes therapeutics in 2026.
  2. A $26 billion market for lung cancer in 2024.
  3. Have obtained preclinical data showing TUSC2 could be effective against Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Thyroid cancer, Glioblastoma, Kidney cancer, head & neck cancer, and tissue sarcomas.
  4. File IND application to initiate clinical trial of Oncoprex in combination with pembrolizumab (Merck's Keytruda).
  5. Possible FDA Fast Track Designation for Oncoprex & Dr. Gittes GEN-002 diabetes treatment.
  6. Update on data from current FDA Fast Track Designation for Oncoprex in combination with Osimertinib (AstraZeneca's Tagrisso).
This year they have done 2 offerings for approx. $25 million combined to help fund these trials and have received other additional fundings ($2.6 million NIDDK) and have no outstanding debt as of March 30, 2020.
Market Cap: $151.43 million (20% of this value GNPX has in CASH... approx. $30 million)
OS: 38.63 million
Float: 26.78 million
% held by Insiders: 23%
% held by Instituions: 12.82%

Genprex is built off the remains of biotech failure Introgen from 2009. Hindenburgh research has attempted to short attack the stock back in 2018 with an article due to this connection so I will do my best to explain.
Introgen was a biotech company from Austin, Texas that misled investors which ultimately led to its bankruptcy as they could not get the FDA approval they needed. They were actually unable to even get the FDA to review their application at all. The connections between Introgen and Genprex are 2 things: David Nance and TUSC2.
David Nance was CEO of Introgen. After Introgen collapsed, Rodney Varner came in and collected the remains of Introgen and turned it into Genprex. David Nance was apart of the founding team that Varner assembled to progess forward. To my understanding Nance was still a knowledgeable individual in the field they were working in (maybe just not the best CEO of a publicly trade company), and Varner utilized Nance to help propel Genprex forward. However, NANCE LEFT GENPREX IN 2012. And has since passed away in 2016 due to cancer. It has been 8 years since Nance's affiliation and 4 since he passed away and not a single member of the Introgen team has been involved since. The head behind Genprex has always been and still is RODNEY VARNER, CEO and Chairman.
TUSC2 is known as Tumor Suppressor Gene 2. It is the active ingredient in Genprex's Oncoprex immunogene therapy. This was the main research focus that came out of Introgen. Since then, TUSC2 has been proven to be effective throughout trials which are littered throughout this post. ALSO, the FDA has now granted FAST TRACK DESIGNATION to GPX-001 which shows there is valid data proof of its effectiveness.

I am very bullish for GNPX in the next 2-5 years specifically as the majority of these trials will take time. All of this information is provided within the links attached above. I invite comments, concerns, and additional information I missed. Hope everyone enjoys. Best of luck to everyone with their trades/research.

This is a LONG TERM INVESTMENT (4-6 year hold for me).

I hold 2875 shares @ $3.34 and still adding more.

EDIT 1: JULY 24, 2020
Insider Trading:
EDIT 2: August 4th, 2020
CEO Rodney Varner presents at Proactive's One2One Virtual Investor Forum.
EDIT 3: August 5th, 2020
GNPX files 2 new patent applications with the USPTO

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