Chinese Zodiac tiger

Hyoyeon / DJ HYO

2012.02.06 17:05 LSky Hyoyeon / DJ HYO

Dedicated to our Dancing Queen, SNSD's Kim Hyoyeon!

2020.10.28 07:08 mastermascovich Four Symbols Question

In Chinese culture, the zodiac consists of twelve animals. These are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. A person's birthdate determines which animal they are.
Also in Chinese culture are four symbols related to constellations. These are the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise. Are people associated with these animals in a similar way as the zodiac animals? If so, how is the association determined (e.g. birthdate, elemental affinity, etc.)?
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2020.10.27 16:51 asianishpodcast Have You Encountered Stereotypes on How to Dress?

My friend and I (both Chinese background) had a discussion about how Western brands often market towards Asians with clothes or shoes in stereotypical Asian symbolisms (ie. Dragons, tigers or rising sun symbol), or there is an expectation of how an Asian should dress. Another example is Nike or Adidas releasing "Year of (Zodiac Animal)" sneakers every single Chinese New Years. I find those shoes quite ugly and uncreative, because they just slap an animal on the back or side of the sneakers.
I also find it interesting that people will also say, "Oh you don't dress Asian", because they expect Asians to wear certain brands or look like someone from Kpop or other cultural icons. This is the part I find insulting because it limits people's creativity and ability to represent themselves through how they dress.
Fashion is an interest of mine so that's why I thought it would be interesting to pose the question to others to see if you have also encountered this issue with how someone expects you to dress or shop for your identity.
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2020.10.26 04:22 EpicPotato420 if the zodiac skins going to be ending, is there a chance another zodiac series will begin with chinese zodiacs or constellations

it's been rumored for a while that scorpio was going to be the last encore of the zodiac skins, and if thats true might they be replaced with chinese zodiacs?
also, chinese zodiacs and constellations are different. if you google them you'll get different results. i can understand why they might not do chinese zodiacs since if they followed the pattern of naming the skins by the zodiacs they might not want a skin called "pig" or "ox," not to mention some heroes might not even resemble those animals, but what about the constellations? the oriental heroes are based off the constellations (zilong is azure dragon, baxia is black tortoise, wanwan is white tiger, and ling is vermillion bird,) so what about a skin series for those heroes?
edit: i repeated something on accident
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2020.10.09 17:58 Sassmaster8000 Popcorn is...

Cyndi Lauper

I've been doing a lot of digging and everything is pointing to her being the Popcorn

Snacks & the City:
Her song True Colours was on the soundtrack for Sex and the City 2

She has a jungle cat tattoed on her ankle

Worked Hard/Multiple Jobs:
She worked many odd jobs to support herself in art school

Now this one can go one of two ways.
  1. has Cyndi Lauper listed as the musician for The Snake Song from Bob's Burgers (It Snakes A Village, S3E18). I don't think this is a very credible source though so if anyone finds something more credible please let me know
  2. Her chinese zodiac is the water snake

She performed with Meatloaf back in 2003
Exotic Places w/ Royalty
She was really good friends with Prince and odds are they travelled together

Proud Merry-Go-Round:
Now this is the clue that had me thinking it was Angela Bassett or Taylor Dayne so I thought for sure I wasn't going to find anything to support my theory but sure enough I was able to find this video of Cyndi singing at Oktoberfest 2014 (Also notice just how much she sounds like Popcorn)

Corn & the Beautiful:
This could be a reference to the song she did with Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People"

5 cats:
Could be reference to her song Like A Cat off her album A Night To Remember

"Wasn't always healthy"
She's been very open about her struggles with psoriasis

This one could also be a number of things such as,
  1. In 2016 Kinky Boots which she wrote the music for won Best New Musical at the Olivier Awards
  2. Her album She's So Unusual sold 16M copies worldwide
  3. Oct 16th/2006: She was inducted in to the Long Island Music Hall of Fame
Hair Crimper:
I mean just look at a picture of her from the 80s lol

Rainbow Flag:
This could allude to her song True Colours but it could also be a reference to her LGBTQ activism
Now this one I'm really proud of, there is a very rare promo poster for her 1986 "True Colours" tour where she is depicted as Venus in the "Birth of Venus"

Welcome to The Masked Singer, Cyndi Lauper !
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2020.10.08 03:25 jeckoloy I realized something about this particular panel.

I will focus on this particular panel:
The Devils that stood behind every squad captains had meant something
In that certain panel, I realized something that the Devils embodied few of the Animal Zodiac Signs: THE DOG, THE ROOSTER, THE HORSE and THE TIGER (though the Tiger is a little questionable but it looks like a CAT and there's no cat in the Zodiac but the closest is the Tiger)
Now to the main point. I believe that Tabata placed that certain Animal Zodiac Signs behind the Captains because they like represent that certain personalities/characteristics of the said signs.
People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people´s confidence because they know how to keep secrets.

People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail.

People born in the Year of the Horse are popular. They are cheerful, skillful with money, and perceptive, although they sometimes talk too much. The are wise, talented, good with their hands, and sometimes have a weakness for members of the opposite sex. They are impatient and hot-blooded about everything except their daily work. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are very independent and rarely listen to advice.

Tiger people are sensitive, given to deep thinking, capable of great sympathy. They can be extremely short-tempered, however. Other people have great respect for them, but sometimes tiger people come into conflict with older people or those in authority. sometimes Tiger people cannot make up their minds, which can result in a poor, hasty decision or a sound decision arrived at too late. They are suspicious of others, but they are courageous and powerful.

This might be a very far fetched theory but I think Nacht's Devil Magic has something to do with what these animals can do. Like if nacht use the Rooster's power it will grant him the ability to fly(?) without using Mana Zone or something. The Tiger will give him sharp senses(?) So on and so forth.
What do you think? Let me know your thoughts too.
Edit: I read about "Town Musicians of Bremen" and this made much sense than my theory but nevertheless thank you for reading! Ha ha
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2020.09.29 22:39 SpiritualistOracle All types of divination

· Apantomancy: A form of divination in which a chance meeting with an animal is interpreted by the seer based on their experiences and current situation.
· Arithmancy: A form of divination based on assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, by means of a simplified version of ancient Greek isopsephy or Hebrew/Aramaic gematria, as adapted to the Latin alphabet. When arithmancy is applied to a person's name, it is a form of onomancy.
· Astrology: While astrology isn't solely a divination tool, some witches find it incredibly useful for divining the future or making decisions that could have a large impact on their plans. Astrology is divination using the movement of the planets and stars. Of all the methods and forms of fortune-telling, Astrology is the most famous and probably the most widely practiced. If you want to master Astrology, the first thing to learn is the meanings of the planets. Once you have done this, you learn about the signs of the zodiac and then the houses. Finally, you can eat up more advanced stuff like aspects, squares, etc.
· Augury: Augury is the practice from ancient Roman religion of interpreting omens from the observed behavior of birds. There are several methods of Augury. One form of Augury involves birds in flight. Diviners would watch the way birds were flying and interpret their movements, interactions, speed, etc. Another type of Augury consists of interpreting the actions of birds on the ground. A diviner would ask a question, throw some corn, and interpret the way the bird eats.
· Automatic writing: Automatic writing is a a process of channeling information from beyond the conscious mind, in which you can learn to tap into a higher level of inspiration that stems from beyond your conscious mind. The activity requires disconnecting from the conscious mind to allow the pen to be guided by the subconscious, the intuition, or an outside intelligence. Automatic writing is a great way to begin your practice of contacting your angels or spirit guides if you're uncomfortable with other ways of contact.
· Belomancy (Arrow divination): Deciphering the will of the Gods and spirits in relation to the movements of arrows.
· Bibliomancy: Bibliomancy is divination using books. To practice Bibliomancy, all that you must do is ask for guidance, open a book, and read whichever page or paragraph you feel drawn to; this is your message. Typically, you would use a religious or spiritual book such as The Bible or, even, The Egyptian Book of the Dead. However, don't overcomplicate Bibliomancy: any book will do just fine.
· Bone reading (Osteomancy): Throwing bones, also called osteomancy, is an ancient form of divination. Throwing bones means to cast a collection of bones, seashells, stones and other items onto a hard surface and then read messages and patterns that emerge. Each piece of the collection means something different and depending on how it lands will give the reader insight.
· Brontomancy: Brontomancy is the practice of divination by means of the assessment of the characteristics of the sound of thunder. Interpretation depend upon intensity, direction, lenght and distance from the obsever.
· Capnomancy: Capnomancy (otherwise known as libanomancy) is a method of divination using smoke. This is done by looking at the movements of the smoke after a fire has been made.
· Casting: Casting involves throwing charms and interpreting how they land in relation to each other and/or reading how they fall on a divination board. Technically, Osteomancy can be called Casting, but Casting cannot be called Osteomancy unless bone is used.
· Cartomancy: Cartomancy is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards.
· Ceromancy: Ceromancy is divination using the shapes formed from the melted wax of a candle and is essentially a type of candle divination. The easiest way to practice Ceromancy is to solidify the wax with water.
· Chirognomy: Chirognomy is a form of hand divination. Chirognomy is the practice of reading someone's personality based on their hand shape, fingers, etc. As there are many readers who prefer to practice a more holistic approach to reading, Chirognomy is currently the most common form of Palmistry, and it's more focused on reading the shape of the hands and fingers rather than the lines.
· Chiromancy: Chiromancy is another form of palm divination. Chiromancy is the art of reading the lines in order to divine the future. Fortune tellers read the palm lines in order to give predictions about the future.
· Clairaudience: Some people can hear things outside of what is considered a normal range of hearing. These people are sometimes channels or mediums who can hear voices from the spirit world.
· Clairovoyance: Clairvoyance means "clear seeing," and those with this gift are said to have a sixth sense and can see energy. Often considered extrasensory perception, clairvoyance allows a person to see things outside of the typical physical perceptive range. Clairvoyance may come in the form of seeing auras, frequent daydreaming, and, surprisingly, a fantastic sense of direction.
· Cledonism: Divination based on things you hear, often by chance. Not be confused with so-called 'clear hearing' or clairaudience. If you're clairaudient, you have the ability to hear spirit using your psychic senses. By contrast, a cledonomancer will hear things in real life, such as words spoken by people, something on TV, or a significant song will come on the radio during a crisis.
· Conchomancy: Conchomancy is fortune-telling using seashells. Placing a seashell on your ear and analyzing the sound counts as Conchomancy. You can also use seashells in Casting divination.
· Crystal Ball Reading: Crystal ball reading, or scrying, is a method of fortune-telling that uses crystal balls. Crystal balls come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from crystals, such as quartz or glass.
· Dactylomancy: Dactylomancy is a Greek term which translates as 'finger divination.' Traditionally, Dactylomancy is practiced using a ring. However, technically, any form of divination which uses the finger could count as Dactylomancy, but most people know Dactylomancy as the type of divination which uses rings. To practice Dactylomancy, first, you need to tie a ring to a piece of string. You then will think of your question then lift the string so that the ring is suspended in the air. Finally, you will interpret the sway of the ring as being a yes, no, or maybe.
· Dice Divination: Dice divination is a method of divination that uses dice. You can use regular dice or special fortune-telling dice created for the purpose.
· Dobutsu Uranai: Dobutsu Uranai is a modern type of fortune-telling horoscope that originated in Japan. There are 12 signs in Dobutsu Uranai and – like in other types of Astrology – you are assigned your sign based on your date of birth. Also, like other systems in Astrology, your sign is said to tell you a lot about your personality.
· Domino Divination: Domino Divination is similar to Dice Divination, but the system involves using regular dominos. Two domino tiles are pulled, and the numbers of each are interpreted.
· Dowsing: Divination by the use of a pendulum, forked stick or metal rod. Great for yes or no questions. Can be used with your own designed charts for answers and is a very flexible tool.
· Etteilla Tarot: The Etteilla system is also hard to master with regular Tarot cards, and there are cards in this system that are not in regular Tarot. In some respects, the Etteilla Tarot is like regular Tarot. Etteilla has four suits; Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins, each with ten pips, a Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Etteilla also comes with twenty-two Majors with some familiar faces (Justice, Temperance). However, that's where the similarities end. Etteilla cards are always read with reversals, which have their own unique meanings. There are 156 interpretations to learn in Etteilla compared to the seventy-eight of modern Tarot.
· Favomancy: Favomancy is a type of divination that interprets the way beans or, sometimes, peas, fall.
· Geomancy: Geomancy is a class of divination methods that involves interpreting markings on the ground. Astrological Geomancy combines astrology and inner consiousness, wherein a set of random dots are correlated to a type of astrological chart.
· Graphology: Graphology is the use of handwriting analysis to find larger meanings, such as the mental or emotional state of the writer. Graphology can also be used to determine certain personality characteristics about the person whose handwriting is analyzed.
· Gypsy Fortune-Telling Cards: Gypsy Fortune-Telling Cards are a subset of Cartomancy. The cards in a Gypsy Fortune-Telling deck may or may not depict several things: Items from everyday life, Feelings and Events.
· Haruspicy: Diving the will of the Gods based on the livers of sacrificed the livers of sacrificed goats, sheep and chicken.
· Ifa Divination: Ifá is a method of divination and religious system which originated in Western Africa. Ifá divination is a component of several ATRs and is practiced by priests and priestesses.
· Iching: The Iching is the most well-known Chinese form of divination in the West. The method involves throwing coins multiple times, taking note of how they land, and interpreting the pattern created based on the Book of Changes.
· Jiaobeu/Poe: Poe is a form of divination which is popular in Taiwan, particularly in Taoist temples. The system involves asking a question and then throwing two 'moon blocks' on the ground. The position which the blocks land will give you your answer, which will typically be a simple yes or no.
· Kau Cim: Kau Cim is a type of fortune-telling that originated in China and is popular in Buddhist and Taoist temples. Known as Chi Chi Sticks in the Western world, the method involves asking a question, drawing a Kau Cim stick from a tube, and interpreting the meaning concerning the issue.
· Kipper Cards: Kipper is a 36 card divination which originated in Germany. Although it is currently most popular in German-speaking communities, in recent years, it has begun to be picked up by English speaking diviners.
· Lenormand: Lenormand is a thirty-six card reading system that uses Lenormand cards. Like several other forms of Cartomancy, Lenormand began as a card game (Game of Hope) and developed into a kind of divination.
· Libanomancy: Libanomancy is divination using incense smoke.
· Lithomancy: Lithomancy is the correct term for divination using stones. Although the term can apply to any rocks, in modern prophecy, it is usually reserved for divination using crystal tumbled stones such as amethyst and tiger's eye.
· Mahjong: Mahjong is a card game that is popular in China. As with playing cards, dominoes and dice, Mahjong cards can be employed for divination.
· Mi Kayu Ura: Mi Kayu Ura is a Japanese fortune-telling method that uses rice or beans and is traditionally performed fifteen days after the new moon.
· Mirror Scrying: Mirror Scrying, especially using black obsidian mirrors, is mainly associated with Mesoamerican culture. Before mirrors, scryers used bowls of water to divine the future, but the use of water never went out of fashion.
· Moleosophy: Moleosophy is a system of divination that assigns special significance to moles. The shape or body part which a mole appears is interpreted as symbolizing good fortune or bad luck in that area.
· Necromancy: Necromancy is a method of divination that uses the spirits of the dead. Because there is usually some ritual component involved, Necromancy is also classed as a type of magic or witchcraft.
· Nephomancy: Nephomancy is a method of divination that involves seeing shapes in clouds and then interpreting those shapes as being signs which are of spiritual significance.
· Nggam: A fortune-telling method which reads the movements of crabs and spiders.
· Numerology: Numerology is a method of divination using numbers. It is similar to astrology in that your life path number and horoscope tell you information about your present and future based on your birth.
· O-Mikuju: O-Mikuji is a Japanese method of divination that involves randomly selecting a scroll of paper that has a pre-written prophecy on it.
· Ogham: Ogham is a type of divination which claims ancient British origin (although historians discredit this) and which uses sticks to predict the future or get advice. Each rod in Ogham is engraved with a letter from the Ogham alphabet (which, unlike the alphabet, actually is of ancient in origin).
· Oneiromancy: Dream interpretation is possibly one of the most ancient methods of divination. The practice of oneiromancy – dream interpretation – helps the practitioner predict the future based on their dreams or the dreams of others. Experts suggest keeping a dream journal at your bedside so you can record your dreams immediately upon waking up. Then, finding the meaning behind your dream is as easy as a quick Google search.
· Oracle Cards: Oracle cards are a form of Cartomancy. While most other types of card divination are used for fortune-telling, Oracle cards tend to focus mostly on giving advice.
· Ouija:
· Palmistry: Divination based on the study of the lines and symbols on hands. Palmistry can be separated into two main branches; Chirognomy and Chiromancy.
· Phrenology: Phrenology was once classed as science and involved reading someone's health, character, and temperament based on measurements taken of their skull.
· Plastromancy: Plastromancy is a type of divination which involves burning the shell of a turtle and interpreting the burn makes or cracks made as a result of being exposed to the heat.
· Playing Cards: An ordinary pack of playing cards can be used for fortune-telling. Many card readers read with playing cards before they move onto other methods of Cartomancy. There is a lot of information out there about reading with playing cards, but it is not a simple system to master.
· Pyromancy: Pyromancy is divination using fire. Technically, candle divination, Xylomancy, and any divination involving burning come under Pyromancy.
· Rhabdomancy: Rhabdomancy is divination using rods or sticks. Belomancy and dowsing rods come under the subdivision of Rhabdomancy.
· Runes: Rune divination is a prevalent method of divination that uses runes to predict the future or get advice. Use of stones and ceramic squares inscribed with the mggickal alphabet of Germanic, Scandinavian or Norse symbols. Excellent for dream analysis, spells, talismans and general divination.
· Scapulimancy: Scapulimancy is a type of Osteomancy (bone divination) that uses shoulder blade bones (scapulae). In ancient times, the shoulders of sacrificed animals were examined, and messages from the Gods/spirits were deciphered from any shapes or markings found.
· Tarot: Tarot divination is a form of Cartomancy (card divination) that uses special Tarot cards. Tarot cards are similar to playing cards in that they have four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins) plus Court Cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages). Unlike playing cards, Tarot cards have 22 extra cards (Major Arcana). The most popular unillustrated deck is the Tarot de Marseilles, and the most popular illustrated deck is The Rider Waite Smith Tarot.
· Tasseomancy: Tasseomancy, also known as Tea Leaf Reading, is one of the best-known types of fortune-telling. Tealeaf reading involves interpreting the shapes of loose tea leaves as they appear in a cup.
· Teraphim: Teraphim were small idols used in divination, which were popular enough to be mentioned several times in the Bible, but their function has been lost to time. It is possible they were either selected as a form of lots, consulted in mediumship, or both. Probably the closest you can get to Teraphim nowadays is fetishism.
· Xylomancy: Xylomancy is a type of divination which involves burning wood.
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2020.09.24 20:31 redha44 13 Animal zodiac straw hats

13 Animal zodiac straw hats

I'm not sure if Oda said that straw hats are based of animal zodiac signs or not, but they seem like that
also in a recent SBS
D: The next person to join the Straw Hat Crew is actually me. P.N. Momo Daifuku
O: Wait, really!? Such confidence... well, you are 12 after all.
also one piece magazine vol 10 confirms that luffy meant 10 men excluding him
so maybe the ten become 12 now with him thats 13 ( i know its a stretch but what if)
the staw hats
luffy: monkey (both chinese and vietnamese )
Zoro: tiger ( both)
Sanji: bighorn sheep (sheep/ goat)
Jinbi: boar (pig)
Nami: cat ( Vietnamese )
Usopp : Armadillo; Chameleon (snake)
Chopper: racoon dog (dog)
Robin: Crane; Falcon (rooster)
Franky: Bull; Rhinoceros (Ox (Buffalo)
Brook : Horse; Giraffe (both)
there's rat, rabbit and dragon left ( carrot is rabbit duhh) and i think we know who's dragon now
it's just rat now
i know its 12 but the Vietnamese one has cat
The Chinese zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig
Vietnamese zodiac: Rat, Ox (Buffalo), Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig
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2020.09.24 16:20 JudgeMandolore If you were to create a Themed Season of The Masked Singer, What Would Your Theme Be?

So sometimes seasons of the The Masked Singer have a theme for the season (particularly Thailand's version, The Mask Singer). If you were to do a theme, what performers would you use to go with your theme? Me, these are the ones I would choose:
Theme: Chinese Zodiac
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2020.09.24 10:07 Rev25Ice I think I figured out the final Strawhat crew

Unfortunately Ive figured out who the last 3 are going to be. Im pretty sure that Oda stated in the past that he based the strawhats on the chinese zodiac. Ive figured the next 3 strawhats will be Carrot, Caesar (Gangster Gastino), and lastly Tashigi. Carrot for obvious reasons. Caesar because I feel as if Oda has plans for him especially with how he left after the whole cake island arc (not the first time oda put a former villain on the crew). Tashigi will most likely join during the final war (Ive been thinking that oda would kill off smoker in a way that would put Tashigi in a position to seperate from the Navy/WorldGovernment). Lastly for Jimbei it would be great if he would stay a part of the crew until the end (but I have a feeling that he is going to die, that and there is no fish zodiac)
If you are wondering why I am connecting this to zodiac every strawhat correspond to a zodiac Luffy-Monkey(duh) Zoro-Dragon, Sanji-Tiger, Nami-Pig, Usopp-Rooster, Chopper-Dog, Robin-Rat, Franky-Ox, Brook-Snake(ironic), Carrot-Hare/Rabbit, Caesar-Goat, Tashigi-Horse.
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2020.09.23 04:44 moviedude1987 Fire Tiger chinese zodiac traits?

What are the characteristics of the Fire Tiger zodiac sign, particularly a man?
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2020.09.20 19:50 moviedude1987 Fire tiger chinese zodiac characteristics?

What are your thoughts on people born under the fire tiger zodiac and how is their personality?
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2020.09.19 13:26 Kelly_Smart15888 Find Out YOUR OWN personality via Chinese Zodiac

There are twelve Chinese Zodiac, represented by 12 animals.
They are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.
People would have different personalities according to what Chinese Zodiac Signs they belong to.
So welcome to find out your personality analysis through this website. What are your personality and sign?
Thank you for your support and welcome to give me some advice on Optimizing it.
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2020.09.15 19:08 Monetmonkey [Thank You] My RAoC September Thank Yous #1

My RAoC September Thank Yous #1 with close ups in the pics + bonus Kitty Photobomb go to:-
u/Halochanel - I got your Lou Paper Postcard! You are so awesome - I've always wanted one. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Hopefully you like my card for you as much! Can't wait to exchange Snailmail Platform/ penpaling_paula stuff too (ordered them, just waiting for it to arrive)!
u/twerptwo x 8! - 1. & 2. Thank you again for the handmade cards from your extremely talented friend. This time I asked for 2 Christmas ones so I could give one to another RAoCer so I have not put that one in the photo. 3. - 8. - Thank you for the bonus vintage Christmas postcards. Again, these aren't in shot because I have already made or plan to make use of them!
u/StephenFromReno88 - Thank you for the sunset over the mountains postcard. It's a glorious shot you took and great idea to turn it into a postcard. I stay happy by playing with stationery and being realistic about what I can manage. My favourite part about myself is my organisation skills.
u/madvix - I've got to admit when your card came through the post it did bring a smile seeing all the unhappy and crying emojis completely plastered across the back! It's a real contrast to the pretty front side and I like the Scottish stamp.
u/sillygirlblue - The sea and sky are such beautiful shades of blue in your Bosphorus postcard and that is one part of Turkey I didn't visit so it's nice to see. Thank you so much.
u/jennybead - Thank you so much for the Chinese zodiac poster, the Chinese New Year stickers and Flat card. I had actually forgotten about this coming to me so it was a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting so many bits!
u/kmeck - kmeck, this card has my absolute heart! You completely nailed it from the colours, the stickers on the envelope as well as the ones you included inside for me, right down to the envelope inlay and the wax seal which arrived completely intact. Papyrus cards are my favourite and I was gutted when I found out they were closing down. They're so hard to get hold of outside the US now so I'm delighted!
u/Cayt98 - Thank you for the old school Disney era postcard of Fantasia, especially for finding one which has a lot of my favourite colours in!
u/ImOkReally - Thank you for the handmade Love card and enclosed stickers. It's really hard to tell that the card was handmade, the layering is so precise and I love the geometric background pattern.
u/shayoy - Thank you for your watercolour toned card. Awesome to meet another big Marvel fan. I love the wax seal too, it just about survived the machine, small flattening but the design is still clear.
u/Amrache - Thanks for the seal postcard with matching stamp, cancellation mark and wax seal. Your G rated story is a total cop out though!
u/TheFeistyFox - Thank you for the handmade Moomin card. I really like how you used the tissue paper on the front and how you double strip washi and put a sticker over it.
u/ExcessiveCharm - Thank you for the cute Totoro postcard. It might not be a Catbus but it's still great and my first one I have received. I'm glad that you had a good mental health day.
u/kinkyzilly3018 - Thank you for the Swan postcard. I love the colour of the background and the information it gives you on the back as well as the way you have decorated it and wrote with different coloured inks.
u/Mareepharos - I had such a laugh receiving your Cat Yoga postcard. I love that it gives you a bit of information about the pose on the back and relates it to Cats! I have frequently done the Swinging Palm Tree pose myself!
u/malozing_running - thank you for the 2020 Postcard Revolution postcard you sent for World Postcard Day. I like the artists aesthetic as well as the idea behind it.
u/reddituserkoot - Thank you for the hot air balloon watercolor postcard you sent. Did you handmake this? There's so much to love; I love that it's such a simple but effective idea, I love that you offered cards out to the mods and I love the Mark Twain quote.
u/tashsmash x 3 - OMIGOSH! Where do I even start? 1. First off, I love the Hula & Flora card you chose. I read the back and checked out their website, they have some lovely stuff. I love getting international cards from local or national artists. 2. & 3. Secondly I totally cried out loud when I saw the extra two Star Wars postcards you enclosed! Duchess Satine is one of my favourite characters and I love that you picked her sister as one of them and I'm a real fan of the Force Family storyline so Daughter is 👌🏼.
u/nutriyum - I love the postcard of Jaime Lannister in the style of a playing card! Especially along with the matching Jon Snow stamp! I like the way you decorated the envelope with the sticker and washi on the front, that's a great décor style and I like the stamps used. Thanks!
u/sigidies - Thank you for the Moose postcard. I love the anime stamp and the fact that you mention miso soup and he's holding chopsticks. I'd never considered writing sideways like that before!
u/babyraspberry x2 - 1. Thank you for the colourful Tiger postcard and facts. It suits well following my recent trip to The Big Cat Sanctuary. Your handwriting is so neat, it's almost like print. I love the way you stuck the stickers to the postcard to be detachable. Thank you also for the Herman Melville quote and challenge sheet. I love the artwork. 2. Thank you also for the Lego postcard I received 3 posting days later! I love the backpack sticker you included and thanks for sharing the story of how you met your husband.
u/Ecstatic-Safe - Thanks for the Crane Postcard. It's worrying that infection rates are increasing, please stay safe! You sound a little down, I've sent you a postcard to add to your collection that will hopefully bring a smile 🙂
u/soxgal - Thanks for the cute little Mickey Mouse card and stickers. I hope you get through your stockpile soon so that your embargo will be lifted!
u/Wyrmfang - As soon as I saw the gold envelope on my doormat I knew it was your doodle postcard! I've been wanting a Japanese woodblock style one so I was really excited. Isn't scotch tape great? Because of the way you sealed it, I could open the envelope and it's completely undamaged. The V&A is my favourite museum so you really nailed it!
u/addyorable - Your Foro Romano Postcard has arrived! So looks like it's taking 6 to 7 weeks but it is getting here! Your handwriting is beautiful and I love how the post card also has a picture of the Spanish steps in the background on the writing side as well. I have a photo of my partner leaning over the wall that looks out over the Foro Romano, the postcard brings back memories of that trip. I had no idea where I was going until we were on the plane! Still my favourite with-partner holiday.
u/IK1452009 - Thanks for the George Town Street art postcard. It took a bit of detective work because the cancellation stamp was right over your address and there was no name or username but I worked out this was from you. I love cats and Bruce Lee so the street art was very apt. It arrived the same time as another card from your country that was posted 5 days earlier, so it seems they are sending in batches but at least post is coming now! Yay!
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2020.09.12 16:51 pluto-senshi Jewelry Finds: Higher-End, Less-Seen, Zodiac-Heavy Edition (Weidian)

Header image otherwise it'll be a Tiger King meme
-- Edit: here's the FashionReps guide that helped me figure out Weidian with SuperBuy, hope it helps some of you too!
My Weidian app logged me out a couple days back and for a moment - before some random, panicked button clicking let me back into my account - the extensive contents of my cart flashed before my eyes. I took this as a sign that life is fleeting and finds are meant to be shared, so I present to you, my favorite jewelry finds of the less-often-seen, mostly lowkey branded type!
If you haven't used Weidian before, it's not too difficult! (And if you have, please give me tips on how to use it better!!) My early successes finding items came with Google Translate or searching TB item names for similar products, then for finds I liked, browsing the stores they came from. My current successes are largely through them knowing my taste so well that I mostly browse my recommendations... a dangerous game.
In my experience, Weidian is more accepting of using brand names in listings, making some items easier to find... but also lacks image search, making many items much harder to find. I've found some reps on there that I'd given up hope for even existing... but only by accident, 30 minutes into scrolling through the contents of a store that simultaneously sells clothes, shoes, books, and homewares.
I have not ordered any of these items yet! But I have ordered from Weidian before and was happy with my items, and will be attempting some of these finds next haul!
If you're like me and immediately stalk the full store of every RepLady find you like, here are the ones these all come from - be warned, some of these took me an hour+ just to scroll through:


Dacheng Xiaopu The holy grail, never-ending jewelry store of my dreams
FanXin Another extensive jewelry store
Notice Accessories All jewelry store, some items branded correctly and some seemingly branded with "Notice Shop," worth watching out for!
Mango Jewelry Studio All-jewelry store
Eva Daydream Mixed jewelry/shoes/bags store
Pharaoh's Dream Country Mixed jewelry/shoes/accessories store

And without further ado, here are some of my favorite jewelry finds:


APM Toimoi Necklace
APM Aligator Choker
Buccellati Animal Pendants
Dior Mother of Pearl Western Zodiac Necklaces
Dior Chunky Gold Western Zodiac Necklaces
Dior Cursive Western Zodiac Necklaces ($$$)
Dior Embellished Pearl Necklace
Givenchy Skull Necklace
Gucci Metal Heart Necklace
Hermes Lock Necklace
La Mome Bijou "Kiss Me If You Can" Necklace
LV Chinese Zodiac Necklaces
LV Year of the Rat Necklace & Earrings
Tiffany Padlock Necklace


APM Alien Earrings
APM(?) Angry Birds Earrings
Chloe Femininities Ring Earrings
Chloe Padlock Earrings
Dior Pearl Coral-Look Earrings
Dior Pearl Western Zodiac Earrings
Dior Dangly Western Zodiac Earrings
Gucci Ridiculous Single Long Earring
Hefang Tassel Earrings
Simone Rocha Pearl & CZ Earrings
Simone Rocha Xs and Os Earrings


Chanel Lifesaver Brooch
Chanel Coco Brooch
Chanel Acrylic Coco Train Brooch
Chanel Acrylic Beach Umbrella Brooch
Chanel Acrylic Clock Brooch
Chanel Intricate Scarab Brooch
Chanel Crest-Style Scarab Brooch
Dior Logo Brooch Style 1
Dior Logo Brooch Style 2
Dior White CD Brooch
Diptyque Aromatherapy Brooch


Buccellati Cuffs ($$$)
Dior CNY 2020 Phoenix Bracelet
Hefang Year of The Rat Bracelets
Hefang Year of The Pig Bracelets


Dior Oui Ring
Dior Knuckle Ring
Dior Chain Ring
Hefang Western Zodiac Rings


Chanel Sunhat Hairpin
Celine Starfish Hairclip
Dior Stretch Headbands
LV Phone Rings
YVMIN Fake Glasses
Simone Rocha Stars Hairclip

Hope you all like these! And please do share any of your favorite finds if you dive into these/other Weidian stores 😁
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2020.09.08 04:56 iamsuperstarr Tiger and rooster to represent the Chinese zodiac of my parents, completed in one day, about 4 hours, done by Tacojoe @ Wayang Kulit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tiger and rooster to represent the Chinese zodiac of my parents, completed in one day, about 4 hours, done by Tacojoe @ Wayang Kulit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia submitted by iamsuperstarr to tattoos [link] [comments]

2020.08.27 19:04 ZEROGR33N [LinJi] --Blowing Minds--

This OP is an excerpt from Ruth Sasaki's excellent book on the Record of LinJi.
I highly, highly, highly recommend this book.
Sasaki was in the circle of J. Blofeld and others and was a luminary in the early importation of Zen to the West. She is unique in that she really put a lot of dedicated study into translating and understanding the original Zen texts and her work is as trustworthy as it is thorough. She does not seem to stray into religious pontification or misguided interpretations.
Whatever her ultimate understanding actually was, the depth and accuracy of her research is undeniable and the wealth of information in her notes is immediately self-evident.
This excerpt is exemplary of those facts and my hope is that you will find it interesting and helpful in your respective journeys and art projects.
A brief note on the citations in the footnotes (e.g. "jc", "wl", "t", etc.), I have not taken the time to edit those much nor have I provide the abbreviation key. If you want to dive deeper then I suggest you get the book; IMO it is a "must have". And a reminder that the footnotes are from the book too; only this introduction is my writing.
所以我於十二年中、求一箇業性、知芥子許不可得。若似新婦 子禪師、便即怕趁出院、不與飯喫、不安不樂。自古先輩、到 處人不信、被遞出、始知是貴。若到處人盡肯、堪作什麼。 所以師子一吼、野干腦裂。道流、諸方說、有道可修、有法可 證。爾說證何法、修何道。爾今用處、欠少什麼物、修補何處。

[W]hen I look back over the past twelve years 1 for a single thing having the nature of karma, I can’t find anything even the size of a mustard seed.

The Chan master who is like a new bride will fear lest he be thrown out of his temple, be given no food to eat, and have no contentment and ease.

From olden days our predecessors never had people anywhere who believed in them. Only after they had been driven out was their worth recognized. If they had been fully accepted by people everywhere, what would they have been good for?

Therefore it is said, "The lion’s single roar splits the jackals’ skulls." 2

Followers of the Way, people everywhere say that there is a Way to be practiced, a dharma to be confirmed. Tell me, what dharma will you confirm, what Way will you practice?

What is lacking in your present activity? What still needs to be patched up?

後生小阿師不會、便即信這般野狐精魅、許他說事、繋縛人、 言道理行相應、護惜三業、始得成佛。如此說者、如春細雨。 古人云、路逢達道人、第一莫向道。

The immature young monk, not understanding this, believes in these fox-spirits and lets them speak the kind of nonsense that binds other people, nonsense such as, "Only by harmonizing the principle and practice and by guarding [against] the three karmas 3 can buddhahood be attained."

People who talk like this are as common as spring showers.

A man of old said: "If on the road you meet a man who has mastered the Way, above all do not speak of the Way." 4

若人修道道不行、 萬般邪境競頭生。 智劍出來無一 物、 明頭未顯暗頭明。

Therefore it is said:

When a man tries to practice the Way, the Way does not function, And ten thousand evil circumstances vie in raising their heads. But when the sword of wisdom flashes forth, nothing remains. Before brightness is manifest, darkness is bright. 5

For that reason a man of old said, "Ordinary mind is the Way." 6

大德、覓什麼物。現今目前聽法無依道人、歷歷地分明、未曾 欠少。爾若欲得與祖佛不別、但如是見、不用疑誤。爾心心不 異、名之活祖。心若有異、則性相別。心不異故、即性相不別。

Virtuous monks, what are you looking for? [You] nondependent people of the Way who listen to my discourse right now before my eyes, [you are] bright and clear and have never lacked anything.

If you want to be no different from the patriarch-buddha, just see things this way. There’s no need to waver.

Your minds and Mind do not differ 7 —this is called [your] living patriarch.

If mind differs, its essence will differ from its manifestations.

Since mind does not differ, its essence and its manifestations do not differ. 8

[1]     "The past twelve years ..."
From ancient times the Chinese have measured time in twelve-year periods, the approximate time that it takes Jupiter to complete one cycle through the heavens. There are also twelve animals, one for each year, in the Chinese zodiac. “Twelve years” is thus a loose designation for “a number of years.” For instance, there is in the Vimalakīrti Sutra the following conversation between Śāriputra and the goddess:
Śāriputra said to the goddess, “Why do you not change your woman’s body?” The goddess replied, “For the past twelve years I have sought for a woman’s form, but have never been able to attain one. Into what form shall I then change?” (t 14: 548b)
[2]     "The lion’s single roar splits the jackals’ skulls."
Linji may here be paraphrasing a verse from Yongjia’s Song of Enlightenment:
“The lion’s roar, preaching of fearlessness—hearing this, the timid animals’ brains are torn in pieces” (t 48: 396a).
Among the other possible sources of this term is a fable found in the Wufen lü 五分律 (The five-part vinaya) that tells of a fox that lived close to the mountain cave of a hermit. This hermit was accustomed to reciting the books of the Kṣatriyas aloud, and thus the fox, listening to him, gradually attained some understanding. One day the fox thought to himself, “I now know enough book language to make myself king of the beasts.” He set forth on his travels, and through various tricks succeeded in getting all the foxes to follow him. With his pack of foxes he subdued all the elephants; with the elephants he subdued all the tigers; and with the tigers he subdued all the lions. He then declared himself king of the beasts.
Having become king, he thought, “I am now king of the beasts. It is not fitting that I take a beast for a wife.” So, mounted upon a white elephant and leading all the beasts, he surrounded the citadel of Kapilavastu. When the king of Kapilavastu sent a messenger to inquire what this was all about, the fox replied, “As I am king of all the beasts, it is fitting that I receive your daughter for my wife. If you give her to me, then good; if you do not, I will destroy your country.”
The king hastily called a council of his ministers. All but one urged him to assent to the fox’s demand. The sole dissenter, who was farseeing and clever in the ways of the world, said, “O King, you have only to dispatch an envoy to set a time for the battle, but on this condition, that the fox order the lions to fight first, then to roar. The fox will think that we are afraid and certainly will order the lions to roar first, then fight. But when the day of battle arrives you must be sure to order everyone within the citadel to cover their ears.”
Everything turned out just as the minister had planned. As soon as the vanguard of the army went forth from the citadel to do battle, sure enough, the lions let out a great roar. When the fox heard this awesome sound, his heart burst into seven pieces and he fell to the ground. Thereupon the hordes of beasts all fled in confusion. (t 22: 18b–c)
For 野干, translated here as “jackal,” see Zuting shiyuan 祖庭事苑 7 (x 64: 423b).
[3]     "Three karmas" 三業
[This phrase] refers to several different groups of so-called “karmas” (activities), most commonly being: (1) activities of the body 身, i.e., deeds; (2) activities of the mouth 口, i.e., speech; and (3) activities of the mind 意, i.e., thoughts.
[4]     "If on the road... do not speak of the Way."
Editor’s note: The second line,“Above all do not speak of the Way” 第一莫向道, has been retranslated from Sasaki’s original “Above all do not try to approach the Way,” on the basis of Yanagida 1977, 127.
This couplet is Linji’s adaption of the last two lines of a verse by Sikongshan Benjing 司空山本淨 (667–761), an heir of the Sixth Patriarch. The master had been asked about the Way, and concluded his reply with the following verse:
Regarding the substance of the Way, fundamentally there’s nothing to practice; Without practice, one naturally accords with the Way. He who conceives the idea of practicing the Way, Has never understood the Way. He has abandoned his one true nature, And entered the noisy, bustling world. If you meet one who practices the Way, Don’t ever speak of the Way. (x 80: 59c)
This couplet seems to have been popular at the time, for it is found, with variations, in several of the early “recorded sayings.”
In this sentence 第一 is an intensive adverb lacking its usual meaning of “first.” It is usually, though not always, employed in a negative imperative sentence; used with 莫, it indicates a strong interdiction. The expression is found, for example, in the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, [section] 25: “Don’t ever be attached to emptiness” 第一莫著空 (Suzuki and Koda 1934, 34). Other examples are found in the jc (t 51: 335c), gy (x 68: 46a), zh (x 79: 192a), etc. A rare occasion when this expression is used as a positive imperative is found in the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch 40: “Come back quickly and don’t let me have to reprimand you” 汝第一早來, 勿令 恠 (Suzuki and Koda 1934, 41.7).
At times, as above, the character 勿 is used to replace 莫. For example, the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, section 13: “Don’t ever make the mistake of saying that samādhi and prajñā are different from one another 第一勿言定惠別 (Suzuki and Koda 1934, 11.6). Another common variation is第一不得,“above all you shouldn’t...” (e.g., jc [t 51: 440c], gy [x 68: 14c], zh [x 79: 148c], wh [x 80: 425c]).
This colloquial expression seems to have disappeared after the Song, but a vestige can still be found in the Qing novel Guanchang xianxing ji 宮場現形記 (Panorama of officialdom), by Li Baojia 李寶嘉 (1867–1906), written at the very end of the dynasty. In chapter 5 is the sentence 爾第 一別答應他的錢, “Don’t ever comply with his claim for payment.”
[5]     "When a man ... darkness is bright."
The source of this quote is unknown. However, the expression “sword of wisdom” 智劍 may derive from a line in the Vimalakīrti Sutra where the Buddha, in the course of enumerating the activities of the bodhisattva, says, “With the sword of wisdom he fells the thieves of the deluding passions” (t 14: 554b).
In connection with the terms “brightness” 明 and “darkness” 暗, see the following lines from the poem Cantong qi 參同 契 (Harmony of difference and equality) by Shitou Xiqian 石頭希遷 (700–790), as quoted in the jc:
Within brightness there is darkness, So don’t treat brightness as mere brightness. Within darkness there is brightness, So don’t view darkness as mere darkness. Brightness and darkness are relative to one another, As steps ahead are relative to steps behind.
(t 51: 459b)
[6]     "Ordinary mind is the Way" 平常心是道.
The “man of old” who made this famous statement was Mazu Daoyi. In a sermon recorded in the jc the master sets forth his concept of what this expression means:
Chan Master Daji Daoyi of Jiangxi addressed the assembly thus: “The Way does not need to be cultivated. Just don’t stain it. What is ‘staining it’? Just having a samsara mind [as regards it] and artificially striving toward it—this is ‘staining it.’ If you want to understand this Way completely, the ordinary mind is the Way. What is called the ‘ordinary mind’ is without artificially created activity, without right or wrong, without grasping or relinquishing, without annihilation or permanence, without secular or sacred. The sutra says, ‘That which is neither the secular man’s practice nor the sage’s practice is the “bodhisattva practice”.’ Your present walking, staying, sitting, lying, responding to the occasion, accepting existing things—all these are the Way. The Way is the very Dharma realm, and everything, including marvelous activities as numerous as the sands of the Ganges, is within the dharma realm.”
(t 51: 440a)
This passage shows that the usual attribution of the statement “ordinary mind is the Way” to Mazu’s disciple Nanquan is mistaken. This is made explicit in the following passage (also in the jc):
At this time there was a monk who asked, “From the earliest patriarch to Great Teacher Jiangxi [Mazu], all have said,‘This mind is buddha, the ordinary mind is the Way.’ Now you, Reverend Priest [Nanquan], say, ‘Mind is not buddha, wisdom is not the Way.’ Thus all the students have doubts. I beg of you, out of your compassion, to explain to us.”
(t 51: 445b)
The association of Nanquan’s name with the expression may owe to the fact that when his disciple Zhaozhou Congshen asked him, “What is the Way?” Nanquan replied with the words of his master Mazu:
The master [Zhaozhou] asked Nanquan, “What is the Way?” Nanquan said, “Ordinary mind is the Way.” The master said, “Can one strive for it?” “To strive is to diverge from it,” Nanquan replied. “But if one doesn’t strive, how is the Way to be known?” the master asked. Nanquan said, “The Way is not related to knowing or not-knowing. Knowing is false understanding; not-knowing is indifference. If you truly penetrate the Way that is not to be striven for, it is like the vast void extending without limit. How can one talk of affirmation and negation?” At these words the master was awakened to the abstruse principle. (t 51: 276c)
[7]     "Your minds and Mind ..."
[This phrase] translates 心 心, traditionally taken to mean “from one instant of mind to the next,” so that 心 心不異 would mean, “the mind that does not differ from one instant to the next.” Another interpretation, albeit less frequent, reads the phrase as “the mind that does not differ from every other mind.” We based our translation, “your minds and Mind do not differ,” upon the words of Linji’s teacher Huangbo Xiyun, as found in the jc:
From the time the Tathāgata transmitted his dharma to Mahākāśyapa up to the present, mind has been sealed by Mind, and mind and Mind do not differ. When the seal is impressed upon the void it does not make a mark; when the seal is impressed upon things, it does not make dharma. Therefore mind is sealed by Mind, and mind and Mind do not differ. (t 51: 272c)
Also, in the wl we find the following:
When [Bodhidharma] came from the west he transmitted only mind-buddha. He pointed directly to the truth that the minds of you all are fundamentally none other than buddha and that mind and Mind do not differ. This is what is meant by “patriarch.” (t 48: 384b)
[8]     "If mind differs ... manifestations do not differ."
Editor’s note: Sasaki’s original translation for this passage was, “If mind differs, the essential nature and forms will be different. Since mind does not differ, therefore the essential nature and forms are not different.” Yanagida, however, came to interpret 性 and 相, rendered by Sasaki as “essential nature” and “forms,” as, respectively, 心性, “mind essence,” and 心識, “the mind in its various manifestations” (1977, 128). I have followed this interpretation.
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2020.08.26 17:48 arcanejay Anyone experienced in Animal Spirits?

I've had a few interesting accounts with this.
I know for sure my 2 primary guides are a Tiger and an Orca.
I ended up winning a Killer Whale plush in the claw machine (they don't make too many of those right?).
My Chinese zodiac animal is the Tiger.
In an oracle reading, the Tiger and Orca showed up closest to the center of the spread, with me being in the center.
I went through my childhood books, most of them were given to me by other people when they were little.
Only 3 books had animals on the cover:
Tiger. Orca.
And Fox?
At this point, I didn't know what to think of it. Then I started seeing foxes everywhere.
Was it confirmation bias, attracting it from being on my mind?
Or is it trying to tell me something?
Am I a fox myself?
Hence looking up their biological habits, it doesn't align with me that much. Doesn't that mean I don't know myself or am integrated as much as I thought?
I don't feel like a fox. Granted, I've been mostly depressed all my life. And slightly autistic. And not as charming as they're known to be. All I got going for me is intelligence, and definitely the power of camoflauge. Directly speaking to people, many times they told me they didn't hear me at all. Or notice me. Mind you, I'm a 5'11'' 160lb. 20 year old man. Magic? I'm not mute.
I would love some help and appreciate it if anyone happened to know how this works.
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2020.08.23 23:57 Andre-Fonseca Celestial cards - League/Runeterra Zodiac

Hello Fellow Players,
I developed this little hypothesis when "The Charger" was revealed and posted in its comment section. It does not seem to be posted in the main thread, so I decided to make an independent post and develop it. It probably isn't unique and others may have come to it.
Note: another user has made a similar post but gameplay instead of mostly Lore related, anyway credits to them as well
We know we are going on a "card revealing spree" for 24 hour post last card reveal at LOR official pages. Those seem to be following the spell - celestial binary pattern, meaning we are having 12 spells and 12 Celestials revealed and 12 matches the main western zodiac as well as the Chinese one. They will probably be related to Aurelion as he is the star forger and the last constellation seems to be him.
For the cards revealed till now they fit the Chinese better than Western, with snake, bull and dog revealed. I expect they may take some liberty with using similar animals instead of the main zodiac ones, example being swapping the horse for a pegasus/unicorn or the goat for a sheep.
Here the Chinese zodiac list and the cards revealed so far:
I wanna know your opinions, and if you have anything to add or contradict it : )
Link for my original post:
Edit: know I was forgetting something, a great thanks and deserved acknowledgement to all that made relevant comments for this hypothesis in the previous post :fist-bump:
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2020.08.16 21:21 CheetosAddict Monk Subclass: Way of the Zodiac

This is for 5e and made with the help of user dm-mg. It’s based on the Chinese Zodiac and I can use all the help I can get to balance it and improve it.
Way of the Zodiac
When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you craft yourself a Zodiac accessory of some variety, such as a necklace, an armlet, a bracelet, etc. This accessory allows you commune with animal spirits based on your level.
Animal Spirits of the Winter: At the 3rd level, you can call upon the winter spirits to grant you one of three abilities related to animal. Your choices are: - Pig: You gain a +1 to your AC for a minute. - Rat: You can use 1 Ki point to disengage after you take an Attack action. - Ox: You have advantage on saving throws against being moved against your will.
When you choose an animal ability, you become a humanoid version of the animal equal in size to your standard form. You can use 2 Ki Points to change your animal ability as a bonus action or 3 Ki Points to change your animal ability as a reaction.
Animal Spirits of Autumn At 6th level, you can the ability to call on 3 spirits from the the Autumn seasons to grant you additional animal ability options. Your new options are: - Monkey: You gain a tail and when you take the Attack action, you can hit a target with the tail within 5ft of you for 1d6 bludgeoning damage. This counts as magical damage for overcoming resistances. - Rooster: Your vertical jump distance increases by 5 times half your Monk level rounded down. - Dog: You can cast Hunter’s Mark by spending 1 Ki point. This lasts until you change animal abilities.
Also, at this level, after you finish a rest, you may choose an animal spirit from the options list. You can take on its humanoid form until your next rest or your hit points reach 0. Even if you change animal abilities, your physical appearance will not change.
Animal Spirits of Summer At 11th level, you have the ability to connect to the Summer Spirits. You gain access to three new options: - Snake: You can cast the invisibility spell once per day regardless of if you change abilities. - Horse: You gain movement speed equal to 5 times half your monk level rounded down. - Goat: You can ignore difficult terrain for the next 3 hours or until you change animal spirits.
At this level, you can choose to retain your base form even when switching animal abilities. You can also now change animal abilities for 1 Ki as a Bonus Action and for 2 Ki Points as a reaction.
Animals of the Spring At 17th level, the final three animals commune with you granting you access to their abilities. The 3 final options are: - Tiger: You gain claws. When you make an unarmed strike, you can add 1d6 slashing to each unarmed strike you make. - Rabbit: When an attacker that you can see attempts to hit you with an attack, you can halve the damage. - Dragon: You gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.
When you gain this level, you can now select two animal abilities to use simultaneously.
submitted by CheetosAddict to DnDHomebrew [link] [comments]

2020.08.16 07:34 CheetosAddict Monk: Way of the Zodiac

This is for 5e and made with the help of user dm-mg. It’s based on the Chinese Zodiac and I can use all the help I can get to balance it and improve it.
Way of the Zodiac
When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you craft yourself a Zodiac accessory of some variety, such as a necklace, an armlet, a bracelet, etc. This accessory allows you commune with animal spirits based on your level.
Animal Spirits of the Winter: At the 3rd level, you can call upon the winter spirits to grant you one of three abilities related to animal. Your choices are: - Pig: You gain a +1 to your AC for a minute. - Rat: You can use 1 Ki point to disengage after you take an Attack action. - Ox: You have advantage on saving throws against being moved against your will.
When you choose an animal ability, you become a humanoid version of the animal equal in size to your standard form. You can use 2 Ki Points to change your animal ability as a bonus action or 3 Ki Points to change your animal ability as a reaction.
Animal Spirits of Autumn At 6th level, you can the ability to call on 3 spirits from the the Autumn seasons to grant you additional animal ability options. Your new options are: - Monkey: You gain a tail and when you take the Attack action, you can hit a target with the tail within 5ft of you for 1d6 bludgeoning damage. This counts as magical damage for overcoming resistances. - Rooster: Your vertical jump distance increases by 5 times half your Monk level rounded down. - Dog: You can cast Hunter’s Mark by spending 1 Ki point. This lasts until you change animal abilities.
Also, at this level, after you finish a rest, you may choose an animal spirit from the options list. You can take on its humanoid form until your next rest or your hit points reach 0. Even if you change animal abilities, your physical appearance will not change.
Animal Spirits of Summer At 11th level, you have the ability to connect to the Summer Spirits. You gain access to three new options: - Snake: You can cast the invisibility spell once per day regardless of if you change abilities. - Horse: You gain movement speed equal to 5 times half your monk level rounded down. - Goat: You can ignore difficult terrain for the next 3 hours or until you change animal spirits.
At this level, you can choose to retain your base form even when switching animal abilities. You can also now change animal abilities for 1 Ki as a Bonus Action and for 2 Ki Points as a reaction.
Animals of the Spring At 17th level, the final three animals commune with you granting you access to their abilities. The 3 final options are: - Tiger: You gain claws. When you make an unarmed strike, you can add 1d6 slashing to each unarmed strike you make. - Rabbit: When an attacker that you can see attempts to hit you with an attack, you can halve the damage. - Dragon: You gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.
When you gain this level, you can now select two animal abilities to use simultaneously.
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2020.08.02 21:34 BlackMegas Majik world

Hi there this is my first time doing sorta thing and I been thinking about this world for weeks tell your thoughts.
Majik used to be earth a eons and millennia ago but was change after a second Big Bang which released magic and other planes to the universe. The planets grew bigger, new stars, races hell even deity’s showed up. After the Big Bang humanity’s culture was regressed back to the Stone Age had to rebuild under the new laws but some things stayed the and the people recreated the modern world with a magic touched based technology.
Majik is dividend into two major zones. The Mondin tè yo (terrain world) is where the races live and where most of people train to get into the other zone. This area is massive just about twelve times bigger than earth. It’s filled with mana which in the animals/monster they hunt and eat same with plants/monsters and majin beasts which like to hunt the races. Filled countless wars, freak weathers, cultist, kaju sized beasts, slavery, beings from other planes trying to take over and to themselves.
The other is the Gwo twou san fon (Abyss) is the section of the world and takes seventy percent of the planet. The creatures, plants, majins, weather, abyss demons are so overpowered it utterly forbidden to go to this place until you the one of the four guardians that creator made as a testing triple A beasts then you have permission to hunt into that death trap.
The universe is filled with mana it’s inside every living things and the undead. The planet itself is infused with raw mana lay lines across the planet. These lines make cycle. The universe filled with mana, the plants socked up the magic after reforming or terraforming, the plants get nutrients from the air and ground with is mana infused with it, the herbivores eat the plants, the carnivores eat the herbivores and then the races eat the plants and animals. Both creatures and the races exhale mana fused carbon dioxide which helps feed the helps and their spells and attacks puts mana back into the air and the cycle just repeats after that.
The year is counted in twelve months but with a twist. The Chinese zodiac is used for some reason as the months. Starts with dragon and ends with tiger. Each month last one regular earth year. So the beings on this planet age slower and have more youthful appearance. The seasons are still Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall/Autumn. The different types of plants and monsters are moved by the seasons.
Megas and Nexus both the new gods of creation and destruction respectively, acknowledge humans and the others that evolution have brought. The Elves-A fair or dark skinned races with pointy ears and love a nature. The Mari-The giant six to seven feet tall warrior and smiths to the volcanic mountains. With mostly dark skinned these people love to fight, build weapons, and gold. ( my dwarfs) The Kin-Humans-humans with animals part and biology with their animals that no longer exist in this world. ( all normal animals don’t exist anymore). Lives all over the place (mid evil) The Atlantins-A sea folks races with blue or white tattoos of their sea gods. With gills and lungs this loves to do extreme stunts and living freely. Light to dark blue and brown skinned people. (Think pirates). The Nitx-The shortest of the races tallest standing at five feet seven. This angelic race are the most religious of the races living in the clouds and next to one of the tallest mountains in the terrain zone they hate zealous and those who break order. Wings from white feathers to mana wings they make up for the best supports and healing magic in the world.
So tell what you’d guys think so far?
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2020.07.25 18:30 L7Z7Z A weird theory regarding Admirals and Mugiwara matchup

Hi everyone!
I had already tried to write a similar post, but I had probably expressed myself badly, so I want to try again with greater commitment:
I want to talk about the potential matches between Marines and Mugiwara. I think Oda is building perfect 1:1s as we have seen him doing constantly in the past.

  1. The first match, the most obvious one, is obviously the one between Luffy vs Akainu.
  2. The second will be probably the one between Zoro VS Fujitora. There are many points of contact between the two: e.g. they have already met, they have a similar style of combat, they are both two "tigers".
  3. The third fight is the most critical one. I have often seen that Kizaru is usually paired with Sanji since they both use a kick-based fighting style. At the same time, even if we don't know much about Green Bull, it seems to me that every detail we know perfectly matches with Sanji. So: Sanji vs Ryokugyu
Three clues give proof, right? Oda gave us few information regarding Green Bull, but those information are really important:
  1. They have opposite relationships with food.
  2. Their approach to girls seems to be the exact opposite as well
  3. Moreover, there is a highly fatal disease of cattle called blackleg.
It really seems to me that Oda is creating a pairing between Sanji and GreenBull based on their personalities.
Okey, but then Kizaru?
At this point, I want to enter purely into speculation (spoiler for those who do not read the manga). Sorry if you think it is too crazy ahah.
First of all, I think we can agree that Jimbei will be the third member of the "new Monster Trio". I say this because I am quite convinced that we will see Zoro, Sanji, and Jimbei facing with the three Calamities in Wano. Zoro, Sanji and Jimbei are going to have the Monster Trio "status" behind/toghether with Luffy.
At this point, what follows is based on these two hypothesis:
The possible implications are two:
  1. Kizaru vs Jimbei. This alternative doesn't seem to make much sense at the moment, because the points of contact between the two don't seem to be many.
  2. Somehow (and it's not the topic of this post) Kizaru will lose his place as Admiral. There are plenty of theories talking about the new Admiral, an Orange Admiral, who will complete the "secondary color trio".
Disclaim: I know very well that at the moment "there is no reason why Kizaru will be replaced", but it was exactly the same comment we could have done before Marineford talking about Kuzan. And there are still many things that are going to happen, right?
So, let's speculate about the Orange Admiral. What can we say based on the previous observations?
Sum Up
To conclude, I think we will have these matches:
... and who knows! an Orange Admiral vs Jimbei !!
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