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Single Love City es algo más que una discoteca para solteros/as. Single Love City se ha consolidado en los últimos años como un nuevo concepto de ocio nocturno en Madrid dedicado a “singles”: solteros, solteras, divorciados, divorciadas, viudos, viudas… Learn all about single life challenges, benefits & advice and find how to navigate your love life, relationships and dating, all on SELF. Single Parents Finding Love: Over Zoom, of Course Because dating with kids wasn’t tricky enough before the pandemic. Single mom Lisa Carlson, at home in Lafayette, Calif., has been remote dating ... Nearly one month after Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich called off their engagement, the Young and the Restless star has released his debut single, addressing his emotions that accompany falling in love ... Being Single Gives You the Space To Make Your Friends the Great Loves of Your Life Being single forces you to explore all other avenues of love in your life. October 18, 2020 by C. Hudson Leave a ... Songs about love and, by extension, singlehood, are the bread and butter of pop music. But when compared to Jepsen's contemporaries, her songs about being alone aren't about reflecting on past ... Oct 19, 2020: Music is the food of love, so embrace every genre. Even if you don't think you'll like it, you could be surprised. Even if you don't think you'll like it, you could be surprised. And you could meet a cute music lover who plays your tune.


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2020.10.22 08:40 SuperPresentation9 I’ve been experiencing nausea when I’m with my girlfriend

So, I’ve (M24) been with my current girlfriend (F22) about 5 months now and overall things are great and we’ve been madly in love with each other for a while now too.
Since day 1 of our relationship, I’ve experienced a nauseous feeling on occasion usually to the point at which I have to vomit which I’m pretty sure is anxiety/stress induced. In the early days of our relationship it would usually happen first thing in the morning after spending the night with her oddly and I had never experienced something like it before. I’m not sure if this may have something to do with it, but I had been single for more than 6 years prior to this relationship, with extremely minimal dating/hookups within this time, so I’m not sure if it’s the shock of adjusting to this again.
It eventually stopped and things seemed all good, however in the last month or so I experienced the same feeling while out with her at a restaurant a couple times and I really felt the need to vomit, especially while I was seated. Last night I was just at hers for dinner and when we just went to her room to chill and then a little after when we started kissing, what do you know, I felt the same feeling and had to go to the bathroom to vomit a bit. Other symptoms includes shaking, increased heart rate, inability to focus etc.
Whilst I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with anxiety/stress, I want to fix this as I love and adore my gf and don’t want this to impact the relationship.
I’d love to hear if anyone has been in the same or similar situation and if there’s any advice, because it’s very stressful and I feel very weird
FYI, I will probably eventually see a doctor about this, however it’s not consistent or frequent and has only happened once every few weeks lately and has only occurred when I’m with my gf too
Thanks :)
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2020.10.22 08:39 ContentForager Don’t feel the need to upvote, my little buddy just passed away today. Please for the love of god please cherish every single moment with your chickens, it feels so bad now that he’s gone (/r/parrots)

Don’t feel the need to upvote, my little buddy just passed away today. Please for the love of god please cherish every single moment with your chickens, it feels so bad now that he’s gone (/parrots) submitted by ContentForager to mistyfront [link] [comments]

2020.10.22 08:38 Life_Philosopher_ Mercari and their FBI style rules

I’m trying to update my profile description on Mercari and I haven’t written anything bad (in my eyes anyway) and it won’t let me post it because I keep getting an error saying “Prohibited Word, can not update status”. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem here? For reference here is my description that I’m trying to update. See if you can see the prohibited word:
“With a 5* review store, there are one random 4* and 1* reviews thrown in and I’m not sure why because the 4* was for toddler shoes never worn and her comment was “things to improve: cleanliness”. I don’t know how much cleaner new shoes can get, and the 1* review was for a BNWT toddler boy tracksuit set that was never worn so I can’t comprehend why those reviews were given. I believe some people somehow want to make other people’s page review less than 5*.
I have 47 reviews and 30 completed sales so far and remain at 5* rating despite these two reviews.
I take pride in what I’m doing here on the app and my customers come first always. I will work with customers to fit their price point, and I also offer bundling to make shipping much cheaper for those wanting to purchase multiple items from my closet.
This isn’t just a hobby for me, I love to do it!! I love giving life back into items that would otherwise be sitting in storage somewhere, donated (but some places I won’t mention any names don’t give 100% proceeds to the charities so I would rather not give them the items or last but not least they would get thrown away and I don’t like, I mean I hate to throw anything away.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I have a lot more pieces to get up but with 2 kids 3 and under it can be hard to find the time so I do if little by little. I have a store worth of kids clothing for boys ranging from newborn to 3T and girl from Newborn to 2T (yes she’s wearing 3T and only 18 months!!) future female football player maybe?!! :) so I will be uploading all of that stuff soon. I’ve also given my closet a good clean and have some amazing pieces to add to my closet for someone else to enjoy at a great price.
Thank you to my followers and my customers for trusting me with your $$ I wouldn’t be here without you and I appreciate every single one of you.
I hope everyone is safe and well and at some point begins to have a good 2020 but it’s almost over and 2021 should be an even better year, not that it would be hard!!
Thank you and see you in my closet,
Zara xxx

The Princess Palace Closet




livelaughtloveandhavefundoingit “

Thank you!!! Be blessed, safe and well.
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2020.10.22 08:30 falsereporters AITA for being upset about my bf playing videogames?

To preface this, I myself play a lot of videogames when I have free time and am really involved in the competitive scene. When I(26f) met my bf(26m) he hadn’t really played them since highschool, and was never big on them.
That’s fine, that’s okay. I expressed often that I would love to show him some of my favorite collections, and that it would be awesome if we could find a game to play together.
Well 4 years later I finally got him to agree to buy and play a game ‘with me’. He picked Skyrim, so I bought and downloaded it onto the switch.
Here’s where I started to get upset. One of the reasons I wanted us to find a game to play together is that he has so many other hobbies that absorb his time, that rarely does he make time for us to do something together. Usually we do our own separate thing unless it’s watching Netflix right before falling asleep.
He hasn’t let me be involved at all. And he’s pretty much taken over the console and the only monitor we have in the house to do anything on. And the system is mine. When I played games-even single player ones, I always would offer for him to check them out or take turns.
The minute we get home from work he hops right on and plays until he goes to sleep. We live in a studio and sometimes I have work early, and I literally cannot go to sleep because he insists on playing it loudly, and doesn’t like headphones.
I’ve probably got to play it for a total of 3 hours since I downloaded the game two months ago. The thing that piffs me is that it’s my console, so I should be able to play it equally right? He literally plays it for 8 hours a day, and sometimes until 3am and I’m losing sleep over how loud it is. We are probably spending even less time together now, and he’s ditched his other hobbies and even cleaning to play. I wouldn’t mind if he was playing for 2-4 hours or more on a day off but all day constantly?
When I try to watch or ask questions he gets annoyed. When I ask for the switch for a bit he whines like a literal child and says ‘but I’ve hardly made any progress, I don’t want to get off yet! You always played it before so now it’s my turn.’ If I ask him to turn it down he literally turns it down maybe one notch, and refuses to turn bass off. Our neighbors have complained about the noise but he insists they shouldn’t be hearing it. There are shows I’ve been wanting to catch up on but he won’t play handheld mode, and I don’t wanna watch them on my phone.
So aita? He thinks so because I ‘had’ my time to play before, and it’s selfish of me to ‘give him a game’ and ‘never’ want him to play (though those last two are a bit untrue). I think he’s ta because he gets laser vision when he’s interested in something, and for a long time that hasn’t involved our relationship. I also think he’s being unfair about sharing and turning it down so I can sleep.
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2020.10.22 08:29 BBQCHICKEN69v2 meow

Hi there! My name is Michael Grover, and I am an explorer. Ever since I've been little, I've loved searching for new things. As a baby, my parents kept finding me in nooks and crannies around the house, "on the search" as they would say. By the age of 5, I had been to every continent on the planet, barring Antarctica. For my 12th birthday, my parents got me diving lessons, by the time I was 13 I could scuba dive to a depth of 40 meters, as well as go cave diving. I got a pilots license at the age of 17, and learned to sail before my 18th birthday. Instead of going to university, I decided to travel around South America, exploring its rich jungles and beautiful landscapes. During my trip, I met my now wife, who was also an explorer. For our honeymoon, we sailed around the Caribbean, where we discovered 3 new islands, which we named after the cats I had growing up. Over the course of my life, I have come across great treasures and wondrous experience, but, in all my life, and all my travels, I'm afraid I have never come across a single person who asked for your opinion.
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2020.10.22 08:25 throwaway1687235 My mother may fit this sun well

I know that how my mother has treated me would count as some form of abuse but I’m not sure if this is where I should post this.
So my parents divorced in 2015, the event itself wasn’t a big deal but what came after it is. Since around 2012 when my parents started seriously fighting, my mother is CONSTANTLY talking about sexual stuff around me (I was around 11 when this started) and is always telling me about her love life (and I’m not talking about “oh there’s a guy coming over” so I’m prepared in the event there’s a new adult male in my life, it’s more like constant complaining about little bullshit like how the guy she likes has blocked her and talking about things like it’s been so long since she’s had s*x and wants to do it with the guy she likes who has blocked her on everything and I wish I could do what he did cause she’s crazy but those stories don’t fit this sub but if you want to hear it I can make a post).
She’s always telling me to sleep in the same bed as her so I can cuddle with her which is so fucking weird to me considering I’m almost 19 and that shit hasn’t been a thing since I was like 7 and couldn’t stay asleep cause I would convince myself there’s a monster or demon or murderer watching me.
She smacks me on the ass and when I tell her to stop she says things like “oh it’s normal I’m your mother and I used to clean it when you were a baby” cause it’s not like that stopped happening 12/13 years ago (when it started, now it’s probably 15/16 years ago)
The lightest, but still the biggest, issue is her constant need for attention and belittling of my needs. Like any normal person, I need personal space and time to think and unwind but not around my mother. If I don’t speak to her for more than 10 minutes she acts depressed and starts saying shit like “I knew you were going to throw me onto the streets the moment you became an adult” which i don’t even know how to respond to. Also I’m a teenager with his own issues and for some reason she thinks it’s okay to tell me about every single one of her and her friends’ problems like I’m some sort of therapist. While I understand sometimes people need to just vent, i can’t deal with the issues of 4 or 5 middle aged women, who aren’t happy, every single day.
I’m sorry if this was long and doesn’t fit the sub, I thought it fits and I need some advice if anyone can help. (Yes this is a throwaway just in case any of my IRL friends find my actual account)
Edit: there’s a typo in the title but I can’t edit that so I’m sorry
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2020.10.22 08:23 david-le-2006 Every single update. Every.....Single.....Update (still love this game though)

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2020.10.22 08:17 Ok_Macaron2394 Help please!

Hey guys !
For couple years when i first heard about schizophrenia i was afraid of it . Like for 3,4 year a have google constantly schizophrenia symptoms and thinking about them and get anxious . Its my biggest fear getting mentally ill . So once i read on google that symptom of Schizophrenia is disorganized thinking. I and i started to think emideatly what if i have this? Because i think alot i mean sometimes i think about what will i eat today and then about totaly different thing like what i have to do for my school work. But when i speak i speak normally ( not slow not too fast) and connected, having really good memmory and i love to speak and having debates. ( and sorry for my bad english i am not from america.)
So for me its like every single symptoms of schizophrenia i google it and then thinking about that and then searching google for hours and reading on forums. But i dont have hallucinations, delusion or other symptoms. I am just afraid for 2,3 year that i will develope its just my biggest fear... And now while i was writing this my whole body was shaking , heart beating, hand swallowed...
EDIT: after i wrote this , i feel like a “big stone ” fell from my chest.
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2020.10.22 08:11 ScribblySki Flashback

Something that never mattered
Yet always mattered
A beast so unstoppable
Yet so invisible

Endless days of play
Endless days of fun
Endless days of love
Endless days have ended

A single tear
An incredible fear
So simple to endear
When you were here
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2020.10.22 08:10 angelicbutterflyx Is my (21F) boyfriend (20M) abusive and controlling or am I just crazy?

TL;DR Boyfriend has become really controlling and invades my privacy, says I am the problem and the one that is manipulative. I love him but I am confused and don't think I can stay in this relationship any longer.
Hi! Im new to all of this so I'm sorry if this is all over the place and long but I'm desperate at this point and I'm just trying to put this story out to hopefully get some answers from different points of views.
Ive been with my boyfriend for over 7 years now. Our relationship like many others is filled with ups and downs, but lately I don't know if the way he acts should be considered a typical relationship's ups and downs. To provide some backstory on the relationship, in the beginning he started off by asking me to delete my socials and to distance myself from my male friends "to respect the relationship" and avoid any unnecessary issues. I didn't hesitate because I really didn't care for any socials and I understood his perspective. I simply took it as "lets try to keep this relationship as private and drama free as possible". So we both did not use social media or have any friends that were of the opposite sex. The relationship was going solid.
He had a habit of going out every night with his friends and never charging his phone or letting me know where he was/ when he would be home. I know this may seem like I am super clingy, which I was I won't lie, but I really wanted to know these things just to know he was safe. He does not live in a good neighborhood and a lot of shady things happen especially at night. I would be up every night until he got home at 3-5 in the morning to know he was okay. I always asked him if he could charge his phone before he leaves so he could just keep me updated during the night (If he would be running late, not to wait up, etc). But, he never did. I would express my concerns to him every time but he would always reply with "I don't know what to say", "I'm sorry", or sometimes not even say anything. One time he even fell asleep on the phone while I was expressing how I feel every time he does this. I started to confide with my friend Emily, because he wouldn't ever listen to me, and she texted me saying a bunch of things along the lines of how I could find better, and leaving is the best option because he just doesn't care. Long story short, he went through my phone and read her message and was really mad. He didn't want me speaking to her anymore and we had a whole argument on that. Eventually we worked through this issue and that has only been the biggest problem from my end that I have addressed to him.
Things in the relationship actually got a lot better, and he was being so sweet and supportive . He started working a good job and he was always showering me with gifts which I told him how appreciative I was of them but he didn't need to do that because regardless I loved him and appreciated him no matter what.
So this is where things take a turn and get a bit alarming, or at least where I began noticing things have gotten alarming.
Fast forward to March of this year when COVID was a big thing and everyone had to quarantine. Me and my boyfriend do not live together so I was with my family at home and he was with his. I am in college so a lot of my time, especially during the day, was towards my classes. I'm perusing a career in the Medical field so my classes are really overwhelming. He doesn't go to college so he didn't have much to do with his time. I made as much time to call him, and text him from morning until night, and even send pictures to him since we couldn't see each other. He always tried to come and see me but I told him no because 1) He wasn't quarantining and was hanging out with his friends 2) I have a grandmother I take care of who has a number of health issues including my father and I did not want to risk it and 3) I just wanted the both of us to be safe since this was all brand new. For three months we couldn't see each other and this brought up a lot of issues. He suffers from depression so he eventually started harming himself during the months we couldn't see each other which made me stress even more. He started to think I was talking to somebody else and would always ask to see my messages and call list and even my picture library. He eventually found out I was speaking to Emily again and went crazy and kept saying I had betrayed him for speaking to her again. I see my mistake with speaking to her again and telling her about my business on the relationship and I told him I would do anything to earn his trust back.
I let him constantly look through my phone (messages, pictures, contacts, emails, downloads) , every time we are on Facetime he wants me to show him my entire room and even let him look what's inside my drawers and notebooks and even my trash, if I don't keep our messages opened he assumes I am doing something wrong, If there's an emoji that I haven't used with him and its on my most recent he assumes I'm talking to somebody else. We share locations with one another and one time my location popped up that I was about 14 blocks away from my house and I woke up to about 30 missed calls and 30 messages of him saying how he was done and how hes gonna come to that address and "expose me", I WAS HOME THE ENTIRE TIME. He sent me the address and I have never been to this location before in my life. He always brings up my flaws and how I'm a liar and how I'm manipulative and use him, every time I try to spend time with my parents or even my little sisters he gets upset and has even admitted to being jealous of them because "he wants all the attention" and how it should basically be just me and him because he's sacrificed a relationship with his family for me. I had never asked him to do this, his family adores me and I respect and love his family. His family is always there for him, its just him who doesn't want that bond.
I can't even do my homework without him getting upset that I am not giving him enough attention. There is an even longer list of other things that have mentally, physically, and emotionally drained me but these are the main things. I also need to add that he has been talking about starting a family and wanting to have a baby and I have told him that I don't want that until I finish college. He has tried to get me pregnant on two separate occasions without my consent and I had to take two plan B's .
He started to constantly argue with me again and say a lot of harsh things to me, things that I never thought he would say to me. He tries to always end the relationship but then the next morning or a couple hours later he says he's sorry and how he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. He comes from a broken home and had a tough childhood, so he doesn't know how to express his feelings properly but, I feel like if you genuinely respect someone you wouldn't scream and yell at them and say things that leave a mark on that person.
I'm basically a mess at this point. I understand I made a mistake about talking to Emily again and not telling him but I don't think I deserve to be treated this way honestly. I have never cheated on him, I have always been the one to express my feelings and love for him through actions, words, and even materialistic things, I am always the one to come and see him, I have cleaned his room while he been at work and cooked something for him to come home to. I go to school, take care of myself, get great grades and spend most of my time studying, don't party or do anything crazy to break his trust, let alone go out (I'm a homebody). I basically did EVERYTHING I can do to show him that he's my man and that I am devoted to him and only him.
I always respected his privacy and never asked to see his phone or question every little thing. I never asked even when he has shown me suspicious signs like putting his phone in his dresser or behind his bed when I come over, or grabbing his phone and him immediately taking it away. When i have questioned it he says "I'm not like you" basically implying that I am the one doing these things. He constantly also says "Leaving out information is the same as lying", If he asks me who I have spoken to within the day or what I have done, if I don't mention every single detail then I am basically lying and hiding things. I mean literally everything to him is lying basically.
Honestly guys am I the one that's crazy? Am I the one who's causing all these problems? I have been trying to end things but I have been so scared to leave. I genuinely love him to pieces and it breaks me to leave him but I don't want this to be my future.
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2020.10.22 08:03 Unconcern3d What is your example of a single feature that is making a specific map way worse in your opinion?

for me personally, its the Trashers on ZNS. Like, i actually love ZNS. i think the map is great and offered many new ways to play the game. My biggest issue with it however were the trashers. They are way too strong, can kill you way too easily, spawn way too often, and they dont even drop anything.
Im not against a healthy challenge at all, but i dont need 3 thrashers every single round to ruin my highround strategy.
But what about you guys? what is your example for that kinda issue?
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2020.10.22 08:02 BiRiteCreamery78 Bi-Rite Creamery

3 3692 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone number
(415) 626-5600

Scooping Happiness Every Single Day

Whether it’s her son’s love for his cinnamon oatmeal breakfast being the inspiration behind the new vegan, Cinnamon Maple Oat Crunch flavor (made with oatmilk), to a particularly memorable family vacation, every flavor and new item Kris creates is centered around celebrating and recapturing a happy memory using the most delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients.
cash visa check
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2020.10.22 08:01 FooQwaun Beat Lady Maria first try!!!

I’ve been a long time fan of the Dark Souls series. Their incredibly satisfying cycle of figuring out the world layouts, lore, and boss strategies is something I can’t get enough of. I wouldn’t call myself ‘good’ necessarily as I often resort to getting help from other players for particularly hard bosses (Nameless King, Manus, Midir). Despite being such a big fan however I always played on Xbox so I missed out on demon souls (can’t wait for the remake!) and Bloodborne. That is until about a month ago when I was given a PS4 as a gift.
My first purchase was Bloodborne. I couldn’t wait a second longer and I immediately dove in, and man what a game!! The combat feels so refined here. The trick weapons add a unique variety to weapon choice and have a surprising amount of combo potential. The rally system might just be the single greatest mechanic possible for a game like this. The fast and aggressive play-style is just so addicting. I normally play a tank in DS but felt a change in pace would be great here. I decided for a skill/bloodtinge build to match the aggressive style. I researched how to build a character efficiently but other than that decided to go in fairly blind.
The game started off VERY hard for me, but I quickly adapted to the parry then visceral attack gameplay loop. At least for normal enemies that is. NPC hunters have become the BANE of my existence (don’t get me started on those fuckers in Yahrhalgul). Their parry timings were difficult for me to get down, even though I understood when I should be shooting. Plus their ability to heal after what felt like an eternity of whittling down their health was so defeating. But I carried on! I slowly got better and felt confident enough to try the DLC (around level 85).
Ludwig was such an incredible fight. The fast aggressive hits made me die a countless number of times, but I loved every minute of it. Plus who doesn’t love a Moonlight Greatsword! The living failures weren’t too bad once I learned which side of the giant sunflower to use to hide from the meteor shower. Then immediately after I opened the clock tower to find... another boss fight? And a hunter at the end too. I was dreading what I assumed to be the upcoming Hunter fight. I tried for about 30 mins trying to use a summoning bell to get help but alas it didn’t work. I decided to just go ahead and give it a shot.
Now up to this point, I had died to every boss at least once (Even the witches of Hemwick). I planned to go in and spend the first couple of attempts just learning the fight. How she moves, possible parry timings, the works. I started the fight (great cutscene btw) and to my surprise her first phase is fairly docile. Her combos it hard but she moved slowly in between. She crept towards me blade in hand. I saw her begin her first strike and I instinctively pressed L2. Parry!! The following visceral did a serious chunk of damage too! I was immediately determined to use parries to win this fight. Her second attack began and another parry! This continued until her second phase. The long reaching blood attacks and delayed timing of her charged strikes caught me off guard. This phase took about 10 Blood vials but I managed to make it through with a couple more parries and viscerals. Her final form takes the cake though. The added fire damage absolutely obliterated my healthbar with just one strike. This phase took up the rest of my blood vials with multiple close calls that almost ended my first run. But I kept persevering, dodging and waiting for the right opportunity to parry. I got her down to about 1/8 of her Health bar when she hit me with her jump and slam attack. It took nearly my entire health bar and with no blood vials left to heal. I don’t know how I managed but I proceeded to dodge and roll the vicious onslaught of strikes until she finally started the animation for the first strike she tried during the fight. I got the parry and the following visceral proceeded to kill her. The following ‘Prey Slaughtered’ screen had me literally jumping for joy! Never in a souls game have I ‘one-shot’ a boss as aggressive and hard hitting as Maria. I feel so invincible now, like I can tackle any challenge. The feelings these games can leave you with are unmatched in any games I’ve ever played.
I’m know there’s plenty of bloodborne players out there who are infinitely better than me at this game and could easily ‘one-shot’ her. I don’t honestly even think I could do it again right now. But I felt my tale of this epic fight should be heard by my fellow hunters. Time to get back to the hunt :)
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2020.10.22 07:59 zmoney20_bodhisattva Frustrated with 2’s

I know it’s bad to always blame bad teammates and I usually try to avoid it but ever since f2p I’ve had bad teammates almost every single game. I ranked gold 3 div 3 at first but now my rank has dropped to gold 2 div 2.
I play 2’s and I gained my understanding of rotations by watching YouTube videos. 2’s rotations doesn’t seem too complicated. Divide the field lengthwise into thirds and try to stay in the third next to your teammate. If your teammate is challenging rotate to get boost but stay close enough to act if anything happens, if your teammate is going back for boost go forward and challenge the ball.
Am I playing with a bunch of f2p new players? Even when I was in low silver I didn’t have this hard of a time with teammates but now it’s so frustrating. I’ll be in the corner popping the ball right in front of the goal for my teammate to tap in and they’re on the freaking opposite side either collecting boost or sitting in the goal. I know golds are bad but they’re not supposed to be that bad. Next time I try the same thing and they’re following me so close as soon as I slow down to get a better angle on a pass they boom me into the ball leaving me aerialling up into the ceiling. Whenever they look like they’re going back for boost I challenge and they double commit and boom me out of the way. Whenever I’m dribbling the ball they think they can just “tap” me into the ball to hit it towards the goal.
When I play casual games I’m always playing with platinums and the occasional diamond. I get it when you leave a casual game but I’ve had multiple teammates leave after 30 seconds and down one goal and it sucks because it hurts my mmr. Do these players not understand the consequences of leaving a ranked match?
To prove I’m not crazy I ended up playing my placement matches for ones and I placed even higher than I did in twos. I’ve heard that’s pretty uncommon but I just need to know what to do.
One’s is fun because I enjoy mind games and dribbling but I love the fun aerials and constant change that comes with two’s. I thought I would be out of reach from the influx of players, I thought it would push my rank up with all the new players placing lower but it seems I’m playing with a bunch of 6 year olds who’ve never played the game before. So do I stick to one’s? Or do I take a break from two’s and come back later?
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2020.10.22 07:59 Suzuco_ Extremely laggy unlocking with System UI being unresponsive ... ?

Have an XZP and absolutely loving it for years, until recently running into some weird problem with unlocking.
Recently every single time I wake the phone up and try to unlock there's a high chance that it freezes after me entering the pattern and it just hangs there. Touch screen won't work, and the only option I have is to put/wait it to sleep and try again. Unless I'm lucky enough I'd be kept locked outside; if I smh get past the lock, there will be a popup complaining that System UI is not responding. If I choose to 'close the app' it will literally kill System UI and voila I'm locked out again; or I can just choose to 'wait' and nothing really happens and the system will just behave like it should.
The weird thing is that everything else on the phone is butter smooth as always, just this troublesome unlocking. I have to keep the screen on or I'd probably spend minutes every time when I pick my phone up.
Did my research and tried the following, and unfortunately none worked for me:
And yes the problem persists even after a factory reset or repairing with Xperia Companion. It's just the unlocking bit that is glitched out, everything else works perfectly fine. Removing the unlock pattern won't do much - it still freezes, just that System UI can be murdered sooner and the Google account security page would yell at me.
So finally I can't stand it anymore and decided to find help here. Has anyone run into or dealt with similar issues? Any suggestion would be appreciated, even if no better than shutting up and grabbing a new Xperia :P
Sorry for my poor English, too.
tl; dr: Got an xzp whose system ui keeps crashing/freezing every time i try to wake it up, which locks itself again, which makes the whole unlocking rather tedious. Even factory resetting wont fix
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2020.10.22 07:57 BiRiteCreamery78 Bi-Rite Creamery

3 3692 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone number
(415) 626-5600

Scooping Happiness Every Single Day

Whether it’s her son’s love for his cinnamon oatmeal breakfast being the inspiration behind the new vegan, Cinnamon Maple Oat Crunch flavor (made with oatmilk), to a particularly memorable family vacation, every flavor and new item Kris creates is centered around celebrating and recapturing a happy memory using the most delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients.
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· 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Closed now

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Social links
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2020.10.22 07:57 reallifesucksass I think I got disowned but I still want to have a relationship with my parents

To begin with, I have horrible grammar but it's something I'm working on so if anyone see anything wrong just type it in the comment I'll fix it.
My parents(53m & 49f) and I (17m) never had the smoothest relationship. To them I followed in my sister's foot steps and rebelled against them even though they just want the best for me. To me my parents are hard working people who honestly want the best for me but the way they go about it is really toxic and mentally hurting me. Both my parents verbally abuse me and my siblings, it's been happening for years. the first time we were driving home from church, they just kept making fun of how I look and talking about how I'm not a good child, at the time I was 10. That was the first time I ever cried myself to sleep. My parents don't know what habit's are, so instead of helping us build good habits they'll just yell, call us names or whoop us(hasn't happened in years). 
A few weeks ago I guess I had a bad day or night. I just randomly got up, headed to the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and just ridiculed every single thing about me. I guess I did it enough to convince myself that it's not worth living. I tried to off myself but I ended up being to scared and called a friend instead. I only told my friend about that day but some how my aunt found out, I think she heard me. We had a talk about it a few days later and it helped me a lot but the feeling of happiness is just temporary.
When my parents found out about me telling her how them verbally abuse me they got mad because I'm selling out there business. We had a whole argument about and For the second time in my life I told my dad that I need therapy and I have mental problems. I explain how his words affects me but he just gasslides me by saying "it's not a big deal you're just over exaggerating". We talk about how my little brother has a short temper but he says "you're not his parent so you shouldn't worry about that" I couldn't remember every detail of the conversation and the end he basically says "once I graduate I need to get out, his not coming to my graduation and wants nothing to do with me" 
I don't know if that means I'm disowned or anything. When we have these fights I hate acting like nothing happened. I just want my parents to treat me like I am a human being with feelings to. In my parents eyes I am a big disappointment because I disrespected my dad by saying this house is toxic. I also wanted to say that doesn't mean it should stay like this, we can work on having a better relationship and not this father vs child problem. Ik my parents work hard to provide a good life for me in a nice neighborhood and a good school and that's how they show their love but at the same time a very toxic home. I want to be able to grow up to have a relationship with them and show them how much they're words hurt my growing up but me telling my dad he was a crappy dad is very disrespectful, so what's the best way to bring this up without making him upset?
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2020.10.22 07:57 uglythr0away I (mid20sF) am madly in love with my ex girlfriend (mid20sF)

Like seriously? When does this stop? We’ve been broke up for almost two years. I think about her every single day. It hurts so badly and every one just tells you, you’ll move on eventually but when? I’ve done every single thing on the post relationship checklist and nothing helped. Friends, clubs, time, books, whatever. I’m in love with her. Every time we talk it’s like I’m addicted to her. It’s seriously like a high.
I tried no contact, but she is just always popping up in my life. Jesus I just can’t cope with the reality that we’ll never ever have the shared future we imagined. It’s fucking rough. What do you do when you literally have exhausted everything?
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2020.10.22 07:51 Ramingen20 Beyond Light's Raid And What Could Happen

In the mission Ace In The Hole, Cayde directly talks to the "minds behind the deep stone crypt". Talking down to the minds in fear that they could still directly or indirectly end or kill him since he is a volunteer who was promised to be wiped of debt if he were to join the EXO program. By doing so, he threatens his creators of something called the "Long Slow Whisper".
Before the obvious announcement of Beyond Light and information of the setting of the raid, the evidence already pointed towards the Deep Stone Crypt being located in Europa. The name "Deep Stone Crypt" might itself mean dark and hidden. Maybe using the Darkness to some extent is a possibility and since Clovis Bray is obviously a mad man, it would not be a surprise.
In the Europa trailer for Beyond Light, we see evidence that EXOs have some connection the the Vex and their function and technology. The Vex portals and new Vex "strike force" enemy types seem to be seeing a new side of the Vex which take initiation. The Vex seem to always transform planets and expand their number, but now it seems they are seeking something in the Deep Stone Crypt. Each type of Vex has a purpose: Minotaurs to protect gates, Harpys project shields, Hobglobins transmit power. The normal 'ad' Vex is just for security and worship. But to see the different type of "Combat Vex" is very interesting.
The Deep Stone Crypt's purpose was to make Exos and what else? Why are we seeking it and what do the Vex want from it? Rasputin has some level of control to take over weak Exos but we might see this goal of putting Rasputin within an Exo himself, which might make Rasputin a really strong but conflicted character, even without the light due to his network capabilities and satellites.
Here is what I think, I think when guardians are dealing with Eramis, we might see the Vex interfere and the Exo stranger tell us something last minute and we have to rush to the Deep Stone Crypt with the help of everyone present, including the Vanguard support and artillery of which we see in the Europa Trailer. If our goal is to clear out the Crypt or defeat Clovis Bray's golden age monster or even save Rasputin, the darkness might give Rasputin PTSD or something, and don't forget Savathun is still out there trying to interfere with us. What if the Long Slow Whisper is the subroutine all exos remember? The dream? Of which they have to either peacefully make it to a tower or kill everyone they've ever known to regain consciousness in their new EXO body. And since the "dream" to journey to the tower peacefully or violently is very much like the roman mythos of the Elysium Fields which strongly resemble the garden worlds of the Vex or even the possible home world of the Vex. Do we have to experience what the dream or the Long Slow Whisper is? It would be cool to kill every single character the Guardian has ever faced while someone else in the raid (player or character) has to continuously protect our Guardian while we face the subroutine dream.
I would love to know what you guys think.
note : Sorry for my english it's not that good and this is my first post.
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2020.10.22 07:51 Th3-Devious-0ne (M4F) Looking for a someone to help me get back into roleplay.

I haven’t been able to do any sort of RP’s for almost a year now and I really want to get back into it. What I want is a 1x1 roleplay, I’m not at all too picky with the story as I can adapt and love learning new things. I’m not too familiar with many fandoms so if that’s what you’re looking for I wouldn’t be able to do that right now as I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.
I absolutely love romance in my roleplays as for me it adds a nice buildup between the characters smut is optional if you don’t like it but if you do I do NOT want it 24/7 I would like to have a story and progression throughout. Some of my favorite story/scenes I have forgotten most terminology nowadays were slice of life or fantasy. I love video games so maybe we can have common ground in that. I like to be able to build a whole world for our characters to grow and live in.
I would say I am semi literate. I will not do text talk as that completely ruins any sort of mood I have or that the whole story has. So please no text talkers I don’t really want to waste time with that. But like I said earlier I am kind of getting back into things and I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike where I can just jump back on as fast as possible if you know what I mean.
I work awkward shifts but I will get out as many responses daily as I can. And I will be terribly apologetic if I don’t message even for a single day. I like getting to know the other person controlling half the story so that would be nice inbetween conversation too. ~J
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2020.10.22 07:46 iKrunk I made it....I do miss being a husband though.

Almost 5 years ago I went through a divorce. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through and I really felt like that sadness would never ever go away. It was that kind of sadness that physically hurt. The whole thing had me so manic and all I wanted to do was give up every single day. My ex wife was my whole world the person I was going to grow old with, the person that was my anxiety relief when I needed it. All the big things and the small things would just continually sting every single day. My daughter who is 11 now was the main ray of sunshine I had, she kept me from giving up completely I had to show her that we as people have to keep trucking no matter what the adversity. I did let her see me cry a few times I wanted to make sure my daughter knew that it was ok to feel sad and express it when you need to.
Hearing everyone tell you that things will be ok was such a tough pill to swallow, it is true that things will be ok but the sad truth is you have to endure it and it takes time and sometimes it takes longer than it should but it does get better. If anyone is reading this and is going through something similar it does get better so hang in there and do the work.
Here I am almost 5 years later, and I am generally pretty happy and I would like to think I did alright making it out pretty intact. Everyone was telling me that divorce is one of the harder things in life to go through and I wont disagree. I am a better dad on my own. I do my own things now. Hang out with my people and am living the best possible life I know how to live and I feel proud of that.
I just realize looking back though I was a good husband and I miss all the husbandly duties and such. I miss spoiling a woman with breakfast in bed on her birthday or stopping by her favorite brand stores on business trips excitedly buying surprises to bring home to her. I miss laying in bed talking or laughing at lifes BS or watching things. I miss the little things the little kisses or ass grabs in passing. I miss having a partner in crime for all of lifes woes and triumphs.
I guess I just needed to get this out somewhere, at the end of this I guess I am just realizing I am finally ready to get back out there and maybe meet my forever person. Im sure shes out there somewhere but I am not going to find her if I dont venture out and if shes not thats ok too I have learned to love myself and that is enough. At the very least I am going to love my daughter and my dog as much as I can forever.
I made it. I am alive, and I am progressing.
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2020.10.22 07:42 Fel_into Well. Fuck. . .

Well don't really have point in posting. Just kinda wanna make it understood how much depression sucks and maybe people can use me as a example of why you should seek help and get out of the this whole before the light goes away. I'm someone that used to enjoy being around others and talking... now I hate others. I don't even need to know you. I already hate you. I've convinced myself that the one thing I wanted so much ( love ) is fucking disgusting and i hate it to the point of seeing it any form makes my stomach hurt. I can't even find enjoyment in the things I used to use as a escape. Now the only things I want to do is drink and sleep. No one should feel like me. Not a single person. Your better than that. Better than me. Talk to someone.
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Best Romantic Songs Love Songs Playlist 2019 Great English ... Simple love - obito (W/n Remix) , Cover Duongg , Tien ... ❤ LEO: SINGLE LOVE READING- JULY 2020 ❤ Single Single Official Trailer  Shaina Magdayao, Matteo ... CAPRICORN: SINGLE LOVE READING- SEPTEMBER 2020 - YouTube Single love - YouTube Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita - YouTube Sigala - Easy Love (Official Music Video) - YouTube How To Be Single - Official Trailer - Official Warner Bros ... HOW TO: BE HAPPY SINGLE!: How To Enjoy Being Single and ...

Carly Rae Jepsen's single anthems shine among her love ...

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LEO SINGLES JULY 2020 🔥 LET LOVE CREATE YOUR WORLD - Duration: 9:45. Guided By Angels 329 views. 9:45. Abraham Hicks 2020 - Only for ADVANCED Abraham's Listeners. ... There’s a right way to be single, a wrong way to be single, and then…there’s Alice. And Robin. Lucy. Meg. Tom. David. New York City is full of lonely hearts ... From the success of the hit series “Single/Single,” comes the Cinema One and The Philippine Star co-production “Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough”! Starring ... SIMPLE LOVE - Obito x Seachains x Davis x Lena (OFFICIAL MV) Simple love mp3 : 'Easy Love' is the massive new single from Sigala and is out now! Download: Listen on Spotify: Includes a... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. My name is Grace. I am an intuitive tarot reader and a Reiki practitioner. I am hoping that my channel will serve as a light in your soul journey. Thank you!... Best Romantic Songs Love Songs Playlist 2019 Great English Love Songs Collection HD Thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBCRIB... Wassup y'all! Today we are talking about how to be happy single, grow, glow up, love yourself, and enjoy this time! I hope you guys enjoy it. Comment down be... Señorita: Catch Shawn on tour this year: Stream/buy Shawn Mendes: The Album now: https://I...